Monday, July 23, 2007


Fredrick -12, Andrew -7

Brett and I had the privilege of hosting some orphans from Uganda East Africa a few weeks ago, they were from the Watoto children's choir traveling across the US. I was delighted at the thought of having Ugandan children stay with me, without having to actually be in Uganda. I met them after work as they nervously stood outside my office wondering what kind of crazy Americans they were going to meet next. Francis-12, Andrew-7, and their host Fredrick- 26, politely shook my hand and introduced themselves in the most adorable accent. I already wanted to keep them! Although shy at first the boys opened up once they say we had an X-box with a soccer game. A once quite house became filled with the excitement of 2 young boys experiencing the joy of a remote control and a 55 inch TV playing their favorite sport.
The next day Brett took them swimming and to Focus on the Family for some play time at Whit's End. I unfortunately had to work, yuck, and was looking forward to the moment that I would get to go home and see them again. When I came home Andrew ran into my arms and said, " I am so glad you are home." That was probably one of the most cherished moments of my life. From then on Andrew was attached to me, wanting to always have a hug and follow me everywhere, he even helped me fry tortillas for our taco dinner.

We went to The MILL (college group) that evening for worship, since Fredrick was around our age. They all enjoyed it praising Jesus, dancing, and lifting their hands. At one point little Andrew, who had to sit next to me, poked me and said, "I just wanted to tell you that I love you." Awwwww my heart melted and the only response I had was to squeeze him and tell him that I loved him too. This boy had me, in only 2 days, it was as if he was trained.
I loved every moment with those boys, they brought a joy that is undeniable. I didn't have enough hugs to give them for all that they have missed out in life. Both orphaned at a young age from parents who had AIDS, they were not forgotten by Jesus. I am glad that they have Watoto, an organization that found them in need and brought them in, to a place where they find life again, life in Jesus.

The Watoto Choir did their last performance at our church on Sunday, after traveling for 6 months. We were able to see Francis, Andrew, and Fredrick a few weeks after their time with us, it was wonderful! I couldn't help but tear up as I watched and saw the joy in their hearts, and all of their talent. They sang, " I am not forgotten, God knows my name." Francis even had a dance routine with 3 other boys, he did great, I am so proud.

Oh, I can't forget to mention the mangos!! That is all they wanted to eat, Mangos! Forget, cookies, candy and ice cream and just buy mangos! I think they ate a total of 11 during their 3 days with us.

Andrew, Francis, and Fredrick, I will never forget you.

Video Game Time

My Andrew

Andrew, Fredrick, Francis, Jordan (my brother), Brett, Jenni

Monday, July 16, 2007

Pikes Peak

At the top 14,110 feet. I am so glad I did it!

Yes, I did it! I hiked up to the top Pikes Peak (a fourteener) from the bottom of Barr trail. I was not alone in this adventure, Brett went and so did our friends Mike and Carrie (they are amazing). We started bright and early at 5:28 am, (had to wake up at about 4am to start hiking that early). We headed up all 4 of us with camel backs, power bars, transformer pant/shorts, and the will to go 13 miles up hill. About half a mile into the hike we realized we were already getting hot (mind it was 6 am) so we declothed turning our pants to shorts and peeled off our long sleeved shirts. Carrie and I had a goal, to beat the 9 year old girl up who started the trail at the same time as us.

Things were going well at the beginning, there was a race accuring that same morning on the Barr trail up to the Barr camp (half way point to Pikes Peak), so we passed many enthusiastic high schoolers who were supplying gatorade a water. One group was even dress as Blue Man Group so it made our hike entertaining. Once we made it to the half way point, we ate, we peed, we stretched, and then we were back on our way. Carrie kept our minds off the hike by keeping conversation, I don't know how we kept conversation for 6.5 hours but somehow we did (girls are good at that). Carrie is just an easy person to be around, when I met her I though to myself, "I really want to be her friend."

So we hiked hiked hiked, got to A-Frame (10 mile point) and then hell began. Three miles uphill at about 12,000 feet and increasing, with no trees, neverending switch backs, Carrie out of water, Mike falling asleep and just about every muscle in our bodies sore. It was the longest 3 miles ever!!!!! We made it though, and it was worth every exhuasting step. More than anything it was just long..... 6.5 hours of hiking.

Our totals:
6.5 hours
12.6 miles
7,510 feet. (Started at 6,600 feet -ended at 14,110 at total elevation gain of 7,510)
28 sore muscles
temperature on the peak 51 degrees
temperature at the bottom 88 degrees
(and we did beat the 9 year old girl)

The sun finally came up

This is where we started at 5:28am

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The place I love the most


Ok here is the deal, I am not a writter. In fact, I would call myself horrible at writing. I am more of the science/math girl. I like things with exact answers, I am not abstract, and I don't write with a lot of detail. However, I still think it would be fun to outline what is going on in my life despite mispelled words, incorrected puncutuation and the lack of creativeness I have with writing. So here is goes for the few who will read.