Monday, January 28, 2008


So today I was slightly insulted by someone I know. We can call her girl X. Girl X had not seen me since mid December so obviously I am looking different that I did back then, I have a baby belly now, as I like to call it. Well, when she saw me today she looks down at me and says, " Oh you are looking Chubby."

Chubby! Are you kidding me, you just called a pregnant woman chubby! Not to mention that fact that she just had a baby so she should know of all people not to call a pregnant woman "Chubby." It is not even a matter if I am really chubby looking or not, its that fact that she called me such a thing! I didn't know what to do I kind of fake laughed, ha, and walked away.

More appropriate terms could have included:
"You are showing more"
"You have a baby belly"
"I can tell you are pregnant now"
"How cute, you have a belly."

"Chubby," "Fat" "Too many burgers lately," are all things that you shouldn't say to a pregnant women even if she does look fat!

I am just wondering why she had to say that to me?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

26 weeks

Baby Maya: An illusion, a dream, from Maia, meaning "the great one/a brave warrior"

26 weeks!

Sorry guys, I have messed around with this for picture a while, and it keeps coming up the wrong way even though it is correct on my computer.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weddings, family, and baby

I have been bad about blogging.... I have just been waiting for Brett to Download all of our pictures, so that is my excuse, it's not a good one.

January has been full and so much fun! Jacob and Noelle got married! It was a beautiful wedding, and Noelle looked so amazing! They are a great example of a couple who had patience and waited for God's timing. We were able to enjoy lots of time with family, including a late family Christmas, skiing for the boys, a family bridal shower and the release of Fran's ashes. Fran was definitely missed at the was a hard time for Dan.

Brett and I also hosted a few of the groomsmen and their wives at our house, they were easy to please a very helpful. It is always fun to have people from Omaha stay with us (you are always welcome here).

My brother Jordan was just here also. I just dropped him off at the airport this afternoon. It is always fun to have him, he's a great brother and I love that he visits!

Among not so fun things, I spent 3 hours driving home from Denver with my friend Lynae in a random mini blizzard, yeah..... snow + Jenni + driving = anxiety. I don't think the baby likes it either. One good think out of it though, Lynae and I really got to talk a lot a get to know each other better and she is an awesome girl and I love that she is a hygienist!

Baby girl is doing well, I think we have a name for her, "Maya Rose," it's about 97% certain. We don't mind telling people and it's ok if you don't like it, because she is ours :O) I just had a check up today and the Dr. said everything looks great! I had to drink this hawaiin punch glucose thing to check for gestational diabetes, it wasn't that bad except that I had to pee and wait for an hour. Maya loves to have dance parties in my belly at night, so I know we will already get along. It is so much fun to have her move inside of me, it makes everything so real and I have so much joy thinking about her. Only 3 months left!

Upcoming exciting events in February:
-I am going to Omaha for Sarah's baby shower
-My 26th birthday
-I am going home to California
-Jury Duty, it's not really exciting, but it kind of is now because Brett got summoned for it also HA!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Man, I got my first jury summons in the mail!! :O( I seriously can't do it, I am trying to work every day possible before maternity leave and taking even one day off, not to mention a whole week will kill our budget. I have to call on February 4th to see if I have to appear the next day, February 5th, and then if I have to appear that day I have to pray that I won't get picked for the jury. I already have a statement ready, "I am an emotional pregnant woman, I can't do it!" What do you think? Any ideas or tactics?