Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Maya's First Christmas

Diclaimer: I wrote this entire blog and then accidentally deleted it.... sad. Do not judge me for any typos because I wrote this 2nd one really fast!

Merry 1st Christmas Maya!!

We were able to go to California for Christmas to visit my family. Of course the trip would not be complete if we didn't visit our good friend the Hornaceks. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with them. It was a lot of fun, we chatted, we baked, the girls played,
and we just enjoyed each other. We also found out that they are going to have another baby, so exciting! Now I know 7 pregnant women (so many baby showers)

Maya and Kyri Playing

Us with the Hornaceks!Maya's Christmas Eve outfit

We spent Christmas morning with the Hornaceks. Maya didn't really know what was going on, she just wore her cute Christmas pjs that said "my first Christmas." We opened presents, Maya ate wrapping paper, Sarah made delicious homemade cinnamon rolls and then we headed to my parents house (which is now in Placerville). Oh and of course we stopped by Starbucks to make Christmas morning complete.

Yum, this paper tastes so good!

Maya loved getting to see everyone in my family. I think they enjoyed her just as much! Grandma and Grandpa loved spending time with her and so did all of her aunts and uncles.

Grandma and Grandpa with Maya
The women in the family

On Saturday we had our big family Christmas with my aunt, uncle and cousins. We enjoyed food, more presents and Maya. Brett and I were also able to enjoy a date night while the family watched Maya. It was nice to spend time with just him.
Maya and her aunts

Maya gave us two presents for Christmas this year. The first one was that she did her first "official crawl" the one on her hands and knees, not just the "arm pull crawl." It was so fun that Grandma and Grandpa were there to see it! She also got her top two front teeth! That was a big surprise, I had no idea they were coming!
Maya's Christmas Crawl

Not every thing in the trip went smooth..... We were scheduled to leave on Sunday. Brett had the itinerary on his phone so I asked him what time we were suppose to leave, he replied "5:55 pm" I didn't think that seemed right, so I asked him to check again and he told me the same time.

We spent Sunday morning, sleeping in, relaxing and going to my parents new church (loved it). We were just casually taking our time and packing a few things. Around 1:00pm I just happened to check my email and doulbe check our flight itinerary. To my horror I saw that our flight left at 2:59 pm! OMG!! We were an hour away from the airport and we weren't even packed yet! Panic!! We threw our stuff in our suitcases, woke Maya up, who was really upset and crying and drove to the airport 95 mph!! OH wait, Brett still had to return the rental car and ride a shuttle back to the terminal. Brett dropped us of and I got in the LONG line to check in and just prayed because now it was 2:00 pm.
At 2:17 I pulled up to check in and Brett came flying threw the door. Seriously if it would have been 30 seconds later they would not have let us check in because you have to check in 45 minutes prior to departure. We checked through security, changed Maya's diaper and were the last people on the plane. Phew..... it was craziness and somehow we did that all with a baby... by the grace of God.
So happy we are on the plane!

The flight was plenty exciting with the water that Maya spilled all over herself and me, the poopy diaper, the second cup of water that Brett spilled on me, Maya with no pants crying and then finally falling a sleep 30 seconds before the plane landed. We loved our trip though and our little Maya.

Finally in Colorado, Maya is pooped and has no pants!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

holiday activites

This month has been full of of the usual holiday activities. We had my work Christmas party at the Broadmoor (which was really smancy) It was $74 a person, not including drinks and most of the food... not even sure what it was. It was fun though, a reason to dress up and enjoy the holidays.
Can you guess what this is? Neither can I.

This week we had Brett's Christmas dinner for Compassion. It was at the Antlers Hilton, and we had tasty food and good company with our friends the Greens.
Me and Mrs. Green, she is so sweet!

On Saturday I took Maya to a mother-daughter tea. It was really cute, there were many little girls, all dressed up with there moms. We had tea and tasty treats. Maya loved it! When the little girls were running around squealing Maya would get so excited and start bouncing and smiling. Maya was a hit herself, with her little pink bow on her head and cute dress, the little girls couldn't get enough of her.
Maya and Aunt Noelle at the tea party

On Saturday night I hosted a cookie exchange. It was a great way to get a variety of holiday cookies and spend time with girlfriends. Maya also got to play with little Oliver, they were so cute together.

Oliver and Maya playing together

All of the girls with our tasty cookies!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Yes, Maya is mobile. It's not the 100% on hands and knees crawl, it's more like the pull with hands and push with feet crawl, especially if she really wants something. It is very fun, but a new challenge.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maya's first thanksgiving

We had a great thanksgiving! We actually had two big meals. One with our small group, were we all pitched in a brought many of the thanksgiving traditionals, and the other with Brett's family.

Being with Brett's family was so much fun! Maya got to be with 3 of her cousins and many aunts and uncles. Cousin Coby loved Maya! He always wanted to hold her, feed her, and just play with her. We also had Noelle's family (my sister-n-law) join us for the big Thanksgiving meal, altogether there were 18 people! We had 2 turkeys, a ham and about 8 million sides.

Dan smoked a turkey, which was a huge ordeal, because it was his first time doing it and we were convinced it was going to take forever to cook, and he thought it would only take a few hours..... so we made him get up really early in the morning to start cooking. Then just a few hours into cooking the turkey the outside of it was black, not good...... It did turn out really good though and had a unique flavor I never experienced with a turkey before.

The main downfall, Maya was sick, she had diarrehea and had thrown up. She definetely wasn't herself, just really quite, tired, and not hungry. It was a bummer to not have Maya in normal happy spirits when the family was there. She was sick for 6 days, it was sad. I went in her bedroom one morning to find diarrehea vietnam! It was everywhere, all over her, her pj's, the crib and blankets. I just had to throw her in the bath, I even ended up throwing away one of her pairs of Pj's because the were destroyed! I am so glad she is better now.

Noelle and her delicious apple pie!

The burnt turkey skin

the cousins: Maya, Ella, Coby & Garrek

It snowed on thanksgiving!

Maya and cousin Coby

Brett playing with the kids

Maya and aunt Shanna (30 weeks pregnant, cousin Chloe is on the way!)

Jacob, Brett, Travis, & Tim