Wednesday, July 15, 2015

California 2015

Ahh along with the crazy busy travel we have had  my computer pooped out on me, so I had a silent June in the Blog World.

I finally just got around to looking through some photos and making a video.

The video warmed my heart because it reminded me what a great time we had.

When you only get 14 days a year in California, you have to make the most of every minute: Park City Mountain restort. Family. Eating Outside. Swimming. In&Out. American River. Park. Apple Hill. Paradise. Billie Park. Disco Cab. Rock Wall. Slumber Party. Capitola. Farm House. Zip line. Hornaceks. Family. Exploring. Camping. Fresh Berries. Late Nights. Dirty Faces. Great Heat. Boegar Winery. So many Memories.

 Check out our video.