Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maya, Lanie and swimming

So this past weekend we tried the pool again with Maya, and she loved it! On Friday we went to the pool with my good friend Emily, her sister, and 2 other borrowed babies. It was a blast! We each had a baby in hand as we wadded in the pool, and bounced around with the babies. Maya didn't cry one bit, the only problem; they don't make swimmer diapers small enough for her, so I kept her in a regular one that just soaked up about 8 gallons of water and weighed about 5 pounds when we were done (good thing she didn't poop).

getting babies ready for the pool

Saturday we got to go to a different pool, this one was even better! There was a grill pool side, so we got to have a BBQ by the pool with our friends. Maya loved the water even more because the pool was heated, and it was like a big bath tub for her. Then right in front of the pool we got to watch "The Sandlot" on a huge inflatable screen while sitting by a gas fire enjoying, smores, cotton candy and popcorn. It was a beautiful evening, probably one of my favorite nights this summer! I can't wait to do it again.

This is where Lanie comes in, she is our new 8 year old neighbor, so cute. She loves babies, and she loves Maya! Last week her and her younger brother came by our house, knocked on the door, and just stood outside and touched Maya's leg while I held her. Neither of them really said anything, they just both gazed at Maya in happiness. Then Lanie said, " We better get going." and they left. That was it! It was so cute. Anyway, Lanie was at the movie/pool night with also, as soon as I got in the pool with Maya she was attached to us the whole time! She just held onto Maya's little arm an followed us wherever we went. I love kids!

Brett, Little Lanie and Maya

Eric and his cotton candy

Mommy and Maya

I think we will have many more fun pool and Lanie adventures to come :O)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

head up

little Maya is now able to hold her head up on her own when on her belly, yeah maya!

last weekend chick-fil-a had free food if you dressed like a cow. so we dressed up our little maya like a girl cow with a tail and all. Brett and I just wore an old white shirt with black spots colored on it and a bandana on our head with ears taped on. It was a lot of fun, everyone loved Maya, she stole the show. Pretty much everyone there was dressed like a cow, I kinda felt bad for the one couple in the corner dressed normal who actually had to pay for their food.
our little cow girl

we went to Kansas city and Jeff city 4th of July weekend to visit family. Maya got to meet cousin Ella, 2 grandmas, and lots of aunts and uncles. We also got to go out on a boat at Lake of the Ozarks, it was lots of fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008


this is one of my favorite photos! she is so fun, smiling, cooing, and wiggling around