Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Change to come

There is never a dull moment in our lives.   A few weeks ago we were informed that the girls daycare was closing at the end of June......Boo!  I cried....... not just because I knew that the girls loved it there, but because I knew it meant more change, more stress, more of everything I didn't want. I just want my life to be easy for like 2 seconds........ Sure I could have found somewhere else to put Maya and Norah, or had someone could come to our home, however,  I go on maternity leave in September so there was really only a short time I needed help and then it meant change again for the girls.  I just really really didn't want the girls to go through meeting someone all over again just for it to change again in 2 months, and then have a new baby sister (more change).  They have already been through enough this year........

So what is a girl to do other than call her mother?   Yep that's what I did, and without hesitation my mom offered to come out to Colorado early (she was going to come at the end of August) and help watch the girls.  I know this is a HUGE sacrifice for her and I am so thankful she is willing to do it!  Now my mom is coming on July 10th and will help take care of the girls while I work 3 days a week.  What a blessing, I love my mom!  This will also be better and more stable for Maya and Norah and they are both VERY excited Grammy is coming!

What about work after maternity leave?
Well, I am going to take 6 months off of work, with 3 small children this hardly seems like enough time.  However, when I return to work I will only go 1 day a week!  I am so thankful my boss is allowing me to do this!  This will allow us to bring in a little income, because we will be very poor when I am not working at all (praying God will provide), it will also allow me to keep up on my hygiene skills, but more than anything it will really allow me to be home with the girls so much more!   What is even more great is that my friend Lynae and I are swapping kids.  I will watch her kids on Wednesdays and she will watch mine on Thursdays, so no daycare expense!  This was something I was praying about for a long time and I am so thankful God answered in a way that was better than I could have imagined!

So here we are, only 1 day left of Maya and Norah seeing Miss Molly (their daycare provider).  It is bittersweet, we will miss her, but the change to come is very exciting!   I have spent over 3 years getting Maya up early in the morning and putting her in the car, enjoying our adventurous drive to daycare, it it so weird that I won't be doing this anymore.  Norah has especially loved miss Molly and adjusted there so well!  
Every morning I give Maya and Norah fruit snacks and milk on our drive.  Maya usually tells me how tired she still is and Norah asks me every 5 seconds, "where we going?"  We always give lots of hugs and kisses when I drop them off.

I decided that I needed a few photos of this memory, so I grabbed a couple this week.

On our Way



Maya being tired, Norah asking me "where we going"
A few of the girls friends at daycare

The girls with "Miss Molly"

We will miss you Molly!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brief update on Norah and Donuts!

Some of you may have been wondering how things are going in the process of adopting Norah.  Mostly it is just a Whole Lot of Waiting!   If you recall we have to wait 1 year from the time she is in our home to adopt her, so as of right now we are just trying to get custody of her.   There has been a whole lot of emails, signing papers, and notarizing happening.  A few days ago we got our court date set for a hearing on the custody of Norah, the date in Tuesday, July 19th.  We are hoping and praying everything goes well on that date, there is a chance the judge will not give us custody since Norah has not been in Colorado for 6 months, but we are praying the judge evaluate the situation and grant it anyway. 

There have been several things not quite going as easily as we hoped, nothing big, but for example, the judge could have just granted us custody of Norah without a court visit, but they are requiring us to have one.  Also the judge could have allowed our lawyer to just meet by phone for the hearing (which would have saved us hundred and hundreds of dollars) but they are requiring our lawyer to be present.  Just little stuff like that.....we just hope those little things that save time, money and heartache will start going our direction.  So if you any of you are up for praying in that direction, it would be great!

I will definitely keep you all posted on everything after the hearing, I am sure we have a much better idea of everything after that occurs.  I will also be making a new line of headbands to help raise a little more support so stay posted!
For now I leave you with this.


There is a new donut shop that just recently opened up that has had lots of rave!  Let me just tell you, I can't even really remember the last time I even had a donut, but with a pregnant belly and 2 little girls is just sounded so fun and tasty!  So right when the girls woke up on Friday morning we hoped in the car and went to Southern Maid donuts (sorry mom and ed)






And yes, they were VERY tasty, melt in your mouth donuts! (I only had one) We had to bring some to Brett to share at work!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Some of my favorite photos are of daddy with his girls! There is just a certain joy and love there!  He is going to be the best father of 3 daughters!

So what would be more fitting than a photo of Daddy with his daughters for "Embrace the Camera?"


Don't forget to embrace the Camera with your children!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

6 months pregnant already!

Oh my goodness I can't believe I am due in just 3 months!  Time always go by so much faster in pregnancy when you feel good.




The awkwardness of the belly and moving around has definitely set it. 
It is obvious that I am pregnant now, so when people see me with Maya and Norah and a pregnant belly they always give me a very wide eyed look.
I haven't purchased any maternity clothes yet.  I am not a huge fan of spending money on something I will wear for just a few months. 
Norah loves to poke my belly button (it is huge) and she things it is hysterical

We have started on baby Sarah's room.  Really not a whole lot has been done, just picking out a few colors and putting the crib up.  I am waiting for my mom to come in July to help me with some sewing. Here is a little preview of her room.




Here is the first gift I got for baby Sarah, it seems so appropriate that is came from my best friend Sarah

I couldn't help but make her a few headbands also, what do you think?

Monday, June 20, 2011


I love celebrating Fathers day.  I know my husband never requires anything extravagent, but I love just doing little things, showing love, and spending time with him. 

Last Wednesday the girls and I did a little craft time and made Daddy his cards.  The girls made cards with tickets for special time with Daddy.



I decided it would be fun to do breakfast in bed for daddy, I told the girls with excitement, "we are going to make breakfast in bed for daddy!,"
and Maya said, "that is going to be a Mess!!"


It was really fun for the girls to get to eat on the bed and spend the special time with Dad!  I think Norah smeared frosting all over the quilt, but hey it could have been worse.




We also gave daddy this photo in a frame for a gift, totally love it!


Brett is such a wonderful Daddy, always playing with the girls, being silly,  brushing their hair, spending time with them, but also being a great example and leader.  He told me that he really hopes and prays for a close relationship with his girls all through life!

Papa and Yami also came over for dinner.  The girls just love to spend time with them!!
We love that Papa lives close and we could celebrate this day with him


Happy Fathers day Daddy and Papa (and Poppy too!)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Dad

What better way to remember my dad than on Fathers day.  There are probably only a handful of you who read this blog who ever had to privilege of meeting or knowing my dad, which is really too bad because, my dad, was a great man!

My dad died when I was 9 years old, he died of Leukemia.  9 was an age that I could definitely remember my father and also realize the impact of not having him around anymore.  There were 6 of us, 6 children left without a dad, and my mom left without a husband.  My youngest sister, Danae was only 4 years old when he passed, so she hardly remembers him, especially since he spent so much time in the hospital towards the end of his life. 

I will try to tell you about my father, about the 9 years I knew him, and those memories I have stored in my memory bank for 29 years, nothing will do him justice and my memories are only a tiny piece of his life.

I remember that my dad L.O.V.E.D life!  He had a contagious joy and laugh, that I will never forget, I can still hear his laugh in my head, clear as could be! My dad was loud, everyone knew who he was!  He always stood up for what was right, even when it rubbed people the wrong way.  My dad Loved people, hence the 6 kids.  He was a high school math teacher and a basketball coach.  He NEVER let anything stop him!  One time his students dared him to eat a stink beetle,  I think they pitched in a total of $13 when they dared him to eat it, and he swallowed that thing without hesitation, he would have done it for 13 cents, it wasn't about the money, but the dare. 

My dad was also a marine, and a good one (from what I hear).  When sent into the wilderness to fend for himself for many days (a task many marines came back weak, with lots of weight loss) my dad came back stronger and had actually gained weight, I loved that about him. No challenge unmet.

I remember waking up sooo early in the morning and going fishing with my dad, this was a very special time together......quite, peaceful, just dad and I.  I don't think I have ever been fishing since my dad died.....I miss that.

I remember his hugs and love, throwing me in the air, being affectionate, doing helicopter rides, riding on his back and giving zerberts (blow kisses).

I remember that my dad used to work the midnight shift at a gas station in the summer to help provide more money for our family and sometimes he would let us go to work with him, this was also very special.  I remember one time while we were helping at the gas station with my dad it go robbed!  I never felt unsafe while it was happening though because I knew my dad would protect us.

I remember my dad taking college classes at night, and sometimes I would get to go with him, just to spend more time together.

I remember visiting him in the hospital and knowing that he looked very sick, but that he wasn't done fighting.

I remember hoping, even at age 9 that I would be a bone marrow match for him.

I remember living in different homes and with different families while my dad was dying so my mom could be with him. 
I remember the tremendous love and sacrifice of those families.

Looking back I often think how hard it must have been to for my dad to know that he was dying and going to leave a wife and 6 children behind, for me that is the worst thought.  To know that he was going to leave his is an unbearable thought.


Every now and again Norah will make a face or do something that looks just like my dad!  I love seeing that and remembering him.

I wish my husband could have known him

But more than anything looking back I remember his Love, his Love for the Lord, his Love for his family, his Love for life!  He set the example for  our family. I can't wait to see him again someday!

One of the few photos with my dad, (I am on his lap)

Happy Fathers day Dad, I really miss you...

Friday, June 17, 2011

California-Part 10, the end {Placerville)

I am sure you are all ready for me to be done with my California trip blogs, it probably seems like we were there for years!!  We just did a lot while we were there and so many things deserved an individual post.
So finally here is the last California part, Placerville.


We ended our trip spending a few days in Placerville, where my parents now live.  They live in my Granny's house, so there are so many wonderful memories there even for me as a child!  The girls love Grammy and Poppy's house and their toy closet and all of the fun areas to play.  It is always so beautiful and green there, plus In & Out Burger is close by!

I spent some time helping my mom go through some of Carrisa's things.  She has so many memories and items, now just in a box,  it was difficult deciding what to keep and what was special.  I got very overwhelmed and sad feeling this responsibility of keeping the right memories and mementos for Norah.  I want Norah to feel like she has some special things from her mother, without hoarding.

My mom got me this wonderful gift, a handmade purse made from some of Carrisa's fabrics (clothes, sheets, etc.)  I thought it was a great way to have a keepsake of her things.  Everything on the purse was Carrisa's even the front silver piece was her earing, it is very special.  The inside of the purse is also material from one of Norah's baby dresses. I hope Norah will be able to have something like this also.


I didn't get a ton of photos in Placerville, but here are a few of the girls modeling their H&M dresses I got for just $5.

Helping Grammy make her famous cookies

We also went to a picnic for homeless people that my parents help minister to.  Grammy kept warning the girls that there were "bad geese" at the park and Maya kept getting confused saying that we were going to the park with "bad people"  this is certainly not something I wanted her to say out loud at a picnic for homeless people...........we had to monitor her.

L.O.V.E these first two!




Never enough time there....we also got to see my sister Candice and I am so bummed I didn't grab any photos of the girls with her. A few times Candice looked at me with wide eyes as Maya and Norah were demanding my attention and she said "are you doing ok sis?" Haha, I am good, I think.

Sometimes life is hard, really hard......and sometimes life gives us things we would never expect, but then I am reminded,
"We Live, We Love, We Forgive and Never Give Up, cause the days we are givin are gifts from Above, and TODAY we remember to LIVE and to LOVE!


this is a gift

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

California Part 9 - {the Hornaceks}

A trip to Northern California also wouldn't be complete without seeing our good friends the Hornaceks!  Sarah has been my BFF since High school and Kevin (her husband) and Brett  have been friends since high school (in Omaha, NE).  It is so fun that we married friends!  I remember Sarah telling me a very long time ago that she thought I would marry Brett, and I told her she was crazy, well she was right! We love still sharing life with the Hornacke's even though they are far away.   We can hang out after months have passed and it is like no time has passed at all!  Sarah and I even still dress similar and tend to buy our husbands simimlar things to wear.

It is fun having young children together and it has been so fun to see the Hornaceks buy their first home (which Brett was able to help with for a few hours).  Sarah has been such a great support in all of the ups and downs in my life, she was the first person I called after we found out Carrisa died.  She has been just one of the wonderful Sarah's in my life.  I love her dearly and so wished we lived closer together and could live life together more.

Here are our cute kids enjoying snacks!

I love the top right photo, it looks like Norah and Kaden are having a conversation

Don't you just love Kaden's chocolate contemplating and Norah's lips!

Maya always calls Kyri her best friend, even though they live thousands of miles apart. She also bodly proclaimed to Norah that Kyri isn't Norah's friend, only Kaden is.

Best Friends

More Best Friends

We love you Hornaceks, come visit Colorado!