Thursday, March 31, 2011

capturing a bit of everyday

Mostly you see photos of Maya and Norah filled with smiles and happiness.  It is not always like that..... in fact probably 50 times a day there is some sort of fight over a toy and this is what happens


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More about Baby Goodlin # 3

First of all, Thank you so much for all of your kinds thought words about Baby Goodlin #3, what a blessing!  I was brought to tears by your notes....... mostly because I was so nervous people wouldn't be excited for us, for this baby, but so many of you are!  I am due September 23rd.

God is funny sometimes, the way He does things.  I mean we were trying to get pregnant for 6 months and then the moment we stop, boom I am pregnant!  Its like that old wifes myth, as soon as you go to adopt you get pregnant (my Dr. said it's not a myth)

This was a BIG surprise for us.  After Brett and I decided we were going to adopt Norah we thought it would be best to hold off on trying to get pregnant for a while, so we starting preventing.  So much for prevention........... One month after Carrisa passed I knew I was pregnant right away, before I missed my cycle.  I told Brett that I thought I might be pregnant and he laughed and thought it wasn't possible.  The next morning I took a test and it was positive right away!  I called Brett and we just started laughing, we could not believe it!  We were filled with so much joy and excitement!

Life has been hard since Carrisa's passing. I wish I could thoroughly explain to you what it is like being surrounded by death and sadness, it is very heavy and draining. ...... When we found out there was life in side of me it was like God was giving us a reminder of His love and of His promises.  Life is such a weird mix of the mystery of death and the miracle of life, and they always seem to intertwine with each other.

I have been a mess with my emotions.  I have so desperately wanted to be able to tell Carrisa that we are pregnant, because I know she would have been overjoyed for us!  The thing is, she already knows... ..  I have also had complications, which just drove up the emotion factor (everything is fine now).  I have felt like since we are taking on Norah people wouldn't be as excited for us, that they would see us having another baby as too much to handle, or a burden, which is not true.  We would not have picked this timing, we weren't trying to, we know that more time adjusting to two children would have been nice, but we have learned that God's timing is so much better than our own!  God has given us this baby as a gift!  He had a reason and a purpose for doing it now and this baby means so much!

Starting my pregnancy photos.  We had one month photo, and it disappeared. 

2 months
3 months

The girls have been great, patting me on the back when I have been sick to my stomach and telling me it will be ok.  The nausea is pretty much gone now, thankfully.  We are very excited for this crazy change in our lives.  One to three children in just 7 months, with no twins!

Monday, March 28, 2011

And it gets even more exciting!

We thought it should be
Norah's turn to wear this shirt

Coming this September! 

Go here for more information about our newest baby on the way

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bretts Birthday Party

Brett turned 30 a few weeks ago, but last night we had the BIG celebration!  We waited a few weeks because several of Brett's family memebers were in town and it made it extra special!  Turning 30 is a big deal to me, so I wanted to make Brett's Party really special!

I kind of did and andriod/lime theme.  It is hard to do a theme for a 30 year old male, so I didn't want it to be cheesy, so andriods were perfect for Brett! I made the cupcake myself and all the decor.  Many things were not my own ideas, but ideas I got from other blogs or people.

party favors

these are photos of Brett from the past 30 years, I love this photo of his grandma looking at them

I saw this photo thought bubble idea on several blogs and had Brett make one for his own party.  People wrote thoughts to Brett and took photos!

maya says and thinks this a lot to daddy
Our good friends the Rutledge's made the meal, it was delicious!  Pulled BBQ pork and Carnitas, with lots of sides!

 Some other fun photos of the party

Brett was supper excited to get an i-pad from everyone!  I love his face in this photo!

Hope your party was wonderful husband, you deserve it, I love you!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace the Camera

In honor of this weeks Embrace the camera, my favorite photo with Norah

Loving hugs from my new daughter!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Maya singing

I thought it would be fun to post a short video of Maya.  I love her so much and think she is truly amazing and talented and I know God created her for something wonderful, but I am not so sure singing is her gift...... Check it out

Also my Friend Celine posted a blog that has a few photos of the girls, you should check it out, she took some great pictures! Go Here 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

How is it going with Norah?

The most common question I get asked is, "So how is it going with Norah?"  Usually I respond with "Good,"  but the answer is always a little more complex for those who are interested.

"Good" does generally sum up everything.  Norah is adjusting so well and I know so much of it has to do with her age.  She calls us mommy and daddy, comes to us when she is upset, wants us to hold her and comfort her, and like any almost 2 year old she defies us.  She can talk so much!!  She has such an amazing vocabulary and is about the same size as Maya that sometimes I think I expect to much out of her, sometimes I think she is older.  It is hard to remember what Maya was like at this stage even though it was only a year ago.  One of m favorite things Norah does is this cute face when she hears a noise (like a plane flying about), she whispers "noise" and does this face

Maya is doing so well also.  In some ways this has been harder for her, but she is really learning to share with Norah, help me more, and I think she knows Norah is staying for good.  I do tell Maya that Norah is adopted and in our family now because Norah's mommy is with Jesus.  Having Norah here has been so good for Maya.  One of the ways Maya has been so helpful is by folding laundry, she really likes it and is very good it at!  She says that "Jesus taught her"

The hardest adjustment is for me.   Let me first say that just because there are times that are stressful does not mean I don't enjoy having 2 children :O) Norah is a delight, but she doe not have a long attention span, so even if I give her something to do, she does it for about 2 seconds and then she wants me.  I can hardly rinse off a dish and put it in the dishwasher, before she pulls on me.  This has been very trying on my patience.  It is very hard for me to know if I should hold her non-stop and allow her to feel secure in me/us, and sometimes just let her cry because she is whining and should not always get what she wants when she whines.  I want there to be boundaries.

I do remember Maya being a little more needy at this age and wanting me to hold her, and I remember not Always holding her because she needed to learn.  I feel like with Norah I just hold her all the time though, rather than let her whine because I am afraid that she will think I don't love her.  Ahhhh it is so hard!  Where is the balance? Making dinner is the worst, Norah is very hungry and wants to eat, but she wants me to hold her the whole time I am cooking, and if I do, I can't cook anything.......... 

When I try to imagine what is going on in Norah's mind all I can think is that she probably thinks, "my mommy just left all of a sudden, and then my grandma, now I don't want this mommy to leave."  I just want her to know we aren't leaving........

Norah is the best huger in the world though! I think her hugs are more reassuring for me than anything

Daddys says, "Thinks are going really good." Norah does not do this same whinny thing with Brett (always wanting him to hold her), so if he is home alone with the girls his perception is that things are very easy and having 2 children is not that much harder.   He says the hardest thing is her random crying and difficulty in communication (which comes with any 1 year old).

I know that there are going to be seasons that are hard, especially when Norah gets older and we have to answer more questions, but for now we are enjoying her embracing our family and we are embracing her.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brett is 30!

Brett turned 30 on Friday!  Can you believe it, 30 years old!  I met Brett on his 18th Birthday, I have known him for 12 years!  I wanted to make the day special for Brett because we won't be having a party for several weeks (details to come), so he needed something for his actual birthday birthday. I love him!

I made Brett some android cupcakes to take to work.  He was so excited, his profile picture is even of an android Brett!

He was also in need of some new TOMS shoes, so I surprised him by buying him a new pair (and he we get another surprise gift at his party)

Thanks to Papa and Yami, who watched the girls, we were able to go on a date.  We went to BJ's Brewery, one of our favorites, we have never had a bad experience there!  And then we saw the Movie, "Unknown," it was ok/good. 

It was so fun to just celebrate Brett and his 30 years of life what a wonderful blessing.  Thank you Fran for raising such a wonderful son!

I love you Brett, Happy Birthday!