Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9 Months Pregnant

Yes Folks, I am just about 9 months pregnant, 39 weeks and baby Sarah is still hanging out in the belly, she seems pretty content right now, no big signs of labor (although I am about 4cm dilated).  Now it is just the anticipation and waiting.


I kind of love the excitement of not knowing when she will come.  I am such a planner, that I love that this one thing in my life is not totally planned, the unknown is kind of thrilling!



I am trying to enjoy the last moments of just having 2 little girls, embracing our time together.   I know that their world is about the change so drastically, but I also know they will love Sarah so much!

My Fears
I do have a few fears, about labor and about having another child

I am nervous, nervous I won't be able to get a hold of Brett when I need to (he has class 3 nights a week with no cell phone reception).  This is one big reason we hired a doula.

I am scared that my water will break at work in the middle of cleaning someones teeth....awkward..

I am scared that for some reason I will have to have a c-section, which I really don't want

I am scared to be a stay-at-home mom.  I feel like I don't know how to do it, and I won't be good at it, or I may even go crazy!

I am scared to have a social worker come to our house with an infant in hand

I am scared we won't have enough money to buy groceries (have you been to the store lately? prices are out of control!)

I am scared to have 3 children 3 and under and have some sore of sanity

Despite my fears I am looking forward to this new chapter in our lives, it seems so different than anything I have ever known.  I am trusting that the Lord will provide and take care of us.

Here is my pregnancy progression

love this song by Colbie Caillat, take a listen, makes me cry


  1. I was going to tell you that you should put all of your pictures together, and then I read down further and saw your progression pics. SO CUTE! :) I can't wait to see pics and eventually MEET her! Sigh, I really wish you guys lived here so that Emilee and Sarah could be besties. :)

  2. Good luck to you! You look so beautiful pregnant, and not pregnant, too. Keep us updated in how thins go.

  3. Wow - I haven't been on anyone's blog in a VERY long time. So tonight, curled up on the couch, I decided to go find out what is going on with everyone (even those I have never met :) I am just finding out you have a 3rd daughter! How wonderful! I am sure you are the best Mommy, and those 3 girls are so lucky to have you. Your big day with Norah is quickly approaching and I wish you all the best this year has to offer your family.

  4. Wow you have 3 children! You are tiny. I was looking up pictures of 9 months pregnant and your blog came up. I just wanted to know I wasn't the only tiny one and that my baby will be normal sized.




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