Monday, December 28, 2009


This Christmas was "Delightful" with Maya. She was so much fun!
Christmas Eve we went to the Wonderland performance at New Life and although I was fearful that without any childcare provided Maya would be a crazy monkey, she did a great job! She spent most of the time dancing, raising one hand in the air to praise Jesus and eating her first candy cane :O)
We also opened our stockings on Christmas Eve and Maya was sooooooo excited to open her gifts! Her favorite was her tiny baby, but even better was the big girl underwear she put on her head. After Maya's bedtime Brett spend about 2 hours putting together Maya's kitchen and I started the home-made cinnamon rolls.

Christmas morning Maya came downstairs and when straight to her kitchen and started playing, stacking everything possible into the oven. Grandpa and his sister, Jessie came over to enjoy the cinnamon rolls and other delightful breakfast treats before Maya opened the rest of her presents.

Then the present unwrapping began and Maya went crazy! She wanted to open every present even if it wasn't for her! Her excitement was contagious and all of her "ooooooo's" and "eeeeeeeeee" made it the best Christmas ever! Her last gift from was from Grandpa and waiting the garage, it as a Coozy Coupe (one of those cars you pedal with your feet) and Maya loved it! She can only pedal backwards, but she loaded up the trunk, got her cell phone and was on her way!

Maya even got presents from Grandpa Derstine (Brett' s real father), this puppy was probably her favorite thing!

Oh and I got Brett and Kitty for Christmas, something he has wanted ever since we have been married. I had to give it to him early, but he was so very excited! (say "hi" to mew mew)

I got the vegan warp boots I wanted from Toms , they are fun the wrap up and Velcro at the top

We went out to the Cheyenne Mountain resort to eat our Christmas meal thanks to Grandpa! It was actually very nice, we got to enjoy mimosas, seafood, beef, turkey, veggies and lots of other tasty food. Filled to the brink we headed back to Grandpa's house,but we had to take a few photos of Maya in her Christmas dress

Of course the best part of Christmas, remembering baby Jesus and wondering how fun and delightful he was at this age? I mean God came to earth as a human! He was a little toddler just like Maya, it is unbelievable to think of, just puts me in more awe of Him.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

someone's in the kitchen with mommy

One of my favorite things to do with Maya is bake! I get the step stool, put on our aprons and off we go! Maya has learned how to crack eggs, stir, pour ingredients and best of all sample the dough or batter to make sure it isn't poisonous :O) I usually give her a few raisens or snacks on the counter to keep her occupied since her attention span is about 30 seconds, unless she is eating food of course. She pretends to measure her snack and pour it into her own bowl, and she does that back and fourth about a million times, but I love it! She is my little helper and I am so excited for more times in the kitchen

Ready to Cook!

A little stir

sneaking a taste

mmm... goood

I'll have more

Friday, December 11, 2009


oh man, I haven't posted forever! Life has been so busy and I have also been working on another blog It is my website for the hair flowers and clips I sell. Making all of the clips has kept me really busy and that is why I haven't posted in so long, but now I am on a bit of a clip making break, so back to blogging and I promise it will be more frequent!

Lets see, quick update

-Brett went to Haiti with work, Amazing trip!

-I went to California and enjoyed some fun fall time with the family (Lots of time at Apple Hill)

-Maya had her first pony ride

-We had a roommate move in and move out in the same month (interesting experience)
-Went to the Denver Nature and Science museum with friends

-annual trip to Vail in fancy condo, got to see my parents there

-3rd annual Hinkle/Goodlin/Ditmer pumkin carving
-Pumpkin patch

-Halloween (Maya was Nemo)

-We realized when Maya said "bobby" she wanted water.....not sure how that came about

-Maya learned how to go down the fast water slides all by herself at Villa Sport

-Compassion craft fair -lots of cute bows and clips for girls

-Maya finally met aunt Anna

-Another trip to cali for Thanksgiving

Maya love to say "Kyki" instead of" Kyri" they are friends

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what maya is like

Maya is so fun right now! There are so many things she does that make us laugh out loud every day. She is strong willed and determined, she LOVES to dance, and she loves to read. When I put her down to sleep she read books and when she wakes up in the morning she reads books again. She does all kinds of baby signs and her favorite one right now is Mouse (for this sign you touch your finger to your nose and Maya likes to put her finger up her nose and I laugh every time). She loves the pool and water and she is fearless. When we go to the pool she runs in, she falls and drowns about every 5 seconds, but it doesn't phase her, she just gets back up and does it again. She also loves to go down the water slide with mommy about 1 million times. When we sit on the grass at the pool she makes sure to stop by the speaker with music playing and dance. She hates having her teeth brushed and crys every time. If she could she would spend all day outside.
Some of my favorite moments are when she hugs my legs and squeezes tight, when she sits on my belly and bounces and when she backs up to sit on my lap. She has many words including:

kitty kat
nana (for banana)
bop poo (for poo poo)
cheese (her aunts would be proud of this)
uh oh

Oh and I can't forget. After bath time she likes to sit on her potty, grunts like she is pooping, and then runs away, no pooping ever happens though.






Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where's your teeth

we spent the 4th of July in Kansas City and we had a great time with Brett's brother's family (Travis, Shanna, Ella & Chloe) We went to an awesome neighborhood party with all kinds of inflatable jump houses, great food and great fireworks. Maya loved it!

When I asked Maya "Where's your teeth" on the 4th of July, this is what she did

We also went to the KC zoo. I think Maya just liked running around more than looking at the animals, but she did do her first carousal ride and she loved it!

We also went to an outdoor mall and didn't realize they had water fountains. Not wanting to deny Maya the wonderful opportunity we let her play in them with all her clothes on.

Ella had to play too!

We love being with the Gratzers! They are so fun and so hospitable, not to mention Travis can make some mean bacon! Can't wait to go back next year!
Some other fun photos from the trip
Baby Chloe

Shanna and Chloe


Ella love hanging out in the suitcase