Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I have neglected writing the events of my life the past few weeks, so here is my update .

We had a fall fun day with A & E Hinkle, we carved pumpkins (A. Hinkle got really fancy with Scooby doo), we made taco soup, we had dessert at Amanda's Fonda (so great) and we watched Fantastic 4 on the Hinkle's projection screen. It was a great day, and Brett and I don't remember spending a whole day with friends like that since Omaha. We love being with them.

After a lovely 70 degree day we had our first snow day. It was beautiful and fun. We got Starbucks before church (yummy chai), we went to Brett's dad's, we made pumpkin bread, and then spent the evening at the Nygren's (Jacobs soon to be in-laws) playing games and eating Lasagna.

Amongst other things last week we had Brett's dad over for dinner, I made pork chops and rice, with green beans, apples sauce, and sparkling cider. Wednesday night I went to a David crowder concert in Denver with friends (Brett couldn't go :O( ). We watched the Rockies sadly loose the world series. We looked for baby furniture-so expensive. I had a random craving for a New York Strip steak (I don't even like steak normally) and I had to have it that night at a good restaurant, so we went to Salt Grass and I had my $20.99 delicious NY strip.

Jacob, Brett's brother, turned 30, we called him the 30 year old virgin, because he is, thankfully he is getting married in January and that will soon change. Noelle, Jacob's fiance threw a semi-surprise party for Jacob on Sunday night, he kind of blew his own surprise by poking and prodding and asking too many questions. It was really fun though, and Noelle made cute little goody bags with treats for everyone.

I am feeling better, eating more, rarely throwing up, all which is good. I am not showing at all though. When my Doctor told me she was pleased with the way the baby is growing, all I could think was, "are you sure it's growing?" I did get to hear the heart beat, it was so cute at 150 bpm. I haven't gained any weight, but I haven' lost more either. At night I have an odd looking outty belly button, and Brett likes to poke it and laugh. Can't wait until I have a real belly!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time with E.H.

Last Friday I got to spend some girl time with my new friend E.H. We met through our husbands who know each other at work and we have been on several double dates together (Amanda's Fonda, so good). She is so cute, a first year elementary school teacher, the children totally adore her and I love her stories. It is rare that I get time with just one girl, so I was very excited!

I met at her cute new house and for the first 2 hours we stood there and talked. I don't even think we sat down, we just chatted, it was great! We decided to go get something to eat and as we were discussing where to go it was obvious that we both love Mexican food and that would have to eat at On The Border. A 45 minute wait, but for 2 chatty girls that was no problem. I got my usual, a combo with one chicken enchilada and one chicken taco. I've had no problems with Mexican food while pregnant (thank you Lord).

After dinner we went back to her house to watch a girl movie, we really wanted to get Georgia rule, but of course it wasn't out on a Friday night. We got another movie, I can't even remember the name of it (not the best movie), Claire Danes was in it that is all I really remember. E.H has a projection screen movie theater in her basement with a huge, brown, sectional, comfy couch, it was great to just sit down there even though it wasn't the best movie. So fun and she grabbed me a blanket without me saying a word ( I always need a blanket while watching a movie), thanks for reading my mind E.H!

We chatted for a few more hours after the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. I also examined the neck rash she got from a necklace that had been stuck on her neck for 6 days (she had to cut it off, sad).

8 random reasons I know E.H. and I will stay friends, besides the fact that she is great: (in no particular order)

-We both love Mexican food, especially refried beans!
-We are both former Starbucks Baristas
-We both have naturally curly hair, but tend to wear it straight
-We love to watch "What not to wear" and all of the home design shows
-We both like New Found Glory
-We get annoyed when our married girlfriends can't hang out because their husbands are home
-We both get really bored after work while waiting for our husbands to get home
-We both have 3 sisters, and a brother who has been traumatized from growing up with too many women

Looking forward to the apple farm, carving pumkins and starbucks on Saturday with you E.H.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last weekend

Last weekend my mom came to visit. It was a short visit, but good and very needed. We were able to make a trip to her favorite store, Wild Oats, were she was able to purchase her favorite orange/green tea (yuck, no offense mom).

We spent most of her time here going through Frans clothes. Now that was a task. I don't think Fran ever got rid of an outfit since 1970, I am seriously not kidding, there was a snap at the crotch silky bright wrap around skirt disco outfit. My mom just held it up....... pause and laughter. There were soooooooooo many clothes, and I am sure that I just got rid of her favorite shirt with no hesitations. It is weird to think, I mean I would be so sad if something happened to my favorite outfit, yet in reality it doesn't really matter, I can't take it with me. It just really put things into perspective. Four hours later, with 15 large black bags of clothes to give to the needy we were not even done. I still have to do the downstairs closet. Wheww..... that is going to be hard work. Thanks for your help mom I couldn't have done it without you.

We also got to eat at Mimis, which I had been craving for weeks. I enjoyed their French toast breakfast and was completely satisfied. Sunday night we did Egyptian Ear Candles, it was very fascinating. Ear candles are an ancient home remedy, I'm not actually sure what they do other than pull tons of nasty wax out of your ears. If you haven't done them before you should try them, it is really fun and interesting.

Other events included: lots of mother daughter time talking, watching extreme makeover home edition, showing mom around the new house, mom getting me water as I was throwing up, showing her where I work and eating.

Thanks for coming mom, I had fun.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

I will never forget

I walked into her bathroom and saw her hairbrush sitting on the counter next to the blow dryer, her shoes were just sitting there with socks stuffed inside, she was just there, she was suppose to come home.....but she didn't.

What happened? What is going on? This is not real. How is the horse here? Was she by herself? Who found her? Why weren't we called sooner? The first night we found out was confusion. No one knew what had happened to her and that was the hardest. Each day following we seemed to piece together what had happened, getting clues from the people around us, from the neighbors, police, and the woman who found her. The only question that still remains, what spooked the horse? We will never know.

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions; extreme sadness, loss, sorrow, joy, comfort, love, reassurance, numbness, disbelief. I grieve for the loss of my mother in law, for our relationship, but more than that I grieve for my husband who lost his mother and I grieve for our child who will never get to meet grandma. It breaks my heart to think of Brett not having his mom...... he loved her so much.

What has helped us through this time more than anything is all of the support and prayers. We have been showered with love, with cards, with flowers, with prayers, with food, it has been unbelievable and we know that God is taking care of us. S & L, you will never know how much it meant to me that you drove out here from Nebraska for the service. I know we didn't get much time together, but just knowing you were there meant more than you will ever know. Thank you D.C friend for the thoughtful card, it was just one of many that was so encouraging. Thank you A & E Hinkle for being at the viewing and the service, and sending the beautiful roses. Thank you N & J White for organizing people to bring us food. You realize how great and important friends are in a time like this, and I was overwhelmed with all the love sent.

Frans life touched so many people, even one's that she never met. There was a women who drove by the accident and saw that Fran was badly injured, life changed for that women at that instant, she realized how precious life was and she was encouraged when she realized Fran was a believer. God can bring back life in the midst of death.

To Memories of Frances R. Goodlin

-I will never forget the cheesy potatoes and dill chicken that were cooked at every meal you made
-I will never forget you helping me pick out my wedding dress and then blessing me by paying for it
-I will never forget fart spray in the eldorado house while playing liverpool rummy
-I will never forget how much you hated cooking, but did it anyway
-I will never forget your excitement when I first rode Harley
-I will never forget snowbiz, and how you brought it for our wedding
-I will never forget when I moved to Omaha, and you found a bed for me an we had to drive across town with it strapped on to the top of your jeep barely hanging on driving 20mph.
-I will never forget how you let Brett and me live with you and Dan for free for 6 months and how excited you were that you didn't have to cook.
-I will never forget how much you hated when I made cookies, but loved eating them
-I will never forget that Brett was your favorite
-I will never forget when you got to see our "little peanut" on the ultrasound (our last memory together)

I guess you did go home after all, it just wasn't the home I was thinking of.