Monday, June 25, 2012

Sarah {9 months}


Oh how much life has changed in this past month with baby Sarah.
Suddenly life has become more difficult for me because Sarah is mobile! Totally on the crawl.

You love everything that is NOT a toy!
We also call you "swiper" because before we know it you have swiped something right in front of us, likes cookies, or sunglasses

Oh and you also finally have teeth!  The both just showed up (one at a time) out of the blue, no fuss, just one morning, pop a tooth! Along with this new smile

You just dropped down to 2 naps, like a day ago (sad for me, no more easy dinner prep time)

You have met 2 other "Sarah's"
the famous Sarah Cz
And the other famous HGTV Sarah
You started waving

Your hair is getting so blond and so long and a little out of control....

You like to play with the door stopper DSC_0071

 and every time we tell you "NO" you turn around and  do this
Little stinker

It is so cute and so funny we have to turn around and laugh and then pretend to be firm.

We now call you trouble.

You are so expressive and I love seeing your little personality show

nam nam nam nam
daddy's girlie


Monthly Progression
 sarah9 months 

 Sarah I just love your squishy cheeks, sneaky smile and fluffy hair.  Having you around brings joy to my heart

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fathers day 2012

I love fathers day.  I just love celebrating that my husband is a father, what a gift!  It is so nice to spend a day just for him, and he never asks for anything and usually chooses to do something the girls would want to do, like swim.........which is one of the many reasons he is a great father.

Many of you may not know this about my husband, but he has a huge heart, especially for the fatherless.  There are so many children who do not have a father around, or a good father figure (and we both know and understand that feeling) Being a father committed to the Lord and his children is huge for Brett! He never wants the girls to feel like he wasn't there, that he wasn't a leader or a great example.  He wants them to know without a shadow of a doubt how much he loves each one of them and how much he loves Jesus.

So on fathers day this year, we did our second annual breakfast in bed.
The girls were just so excited to help!

lovely hair norah

well good morning



well, at least I tried to put a clip in it

haha, i love Sarah's face in this one.  she loves bananas!

and Brett's face in this one
Maya & Norah made these little daddy lollipops we saw in a magazine, I was so proud of Maya she did hers all by herself.  Norah had a little assistance


he can't even contain himself is he so excited about the lollipops
I combined a few different ideas I saw on pinterest and we made this for daddy. 

It is a daddy questioner.
I used Microsoft Word to create a document with photos.
I interviewed the girls with several questions
I took the photos using one of the chalk board bubbles Brett made
Then I printed it at Costco for $1.50 &  used an old frame and spray painted it gray.
I love their little answers, I never knew Brett was so tall!
Dad wanted a back massage DSC_0123

and it was pretty hot, so we went to to the pool

 and nothing finishes fathers day better than a BBQ, where Papa & Yami joined us


for dessert, dad's root beer floats

  Thank you for being such a great father Brett, your heart is so big and I love watching you love our daughters!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer lovin

10 Things I love about the summer

I know you always hear me talking about how we love to be outside and we love the summer, but here are a few of the reasons why

Sun kissed noses

sleeping sweaty babies

visiting fun places

friends holding hands

family visits

evenings outside 

the bright morning sun

yummy fruit

getting wet

and capturing moments DSC_0255

What do you love about the summer (or don't love)?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What really happens

We try to do craft time or a learning time at home on occasion.  This week we are working on daddy's father day gift (shhhhhh..... don't tell him).  So this task was pretty simple, just some coloring for starters.

La la la, everyone is coloring and happy, mom takes a few photos.


And this is what happens with Norah after about 3 minutes of coloring.


She looses all attention and goes off and does something else.
Actually, this is what happens every time we try to sit down and color, craft, teach, watch tv, basically anything thing that requires some type of attention span.

And to be completely honest it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

At first, (like over a year ago) when Norah was a wee little 2 year old, I knew that I wasn't going to hold her attention very long simply because she was 2.  I kept telling myself "with more time her attention will grow, just don't stress out, don't loose patience, she has to eventually stop wiggling, and start participating, Right?"

It's not happening folks.

Norah is just Norah, in her own world many days.

And this is what Maya continues to do as Norah is moving about.

Daddy would be proud Maya is trying to spell the word, "bacon"

It is hard for me to be in both worlds at the same time
and this is the world of Norah (2 seconds of scribble color)
Should I be worried?