Sunday, August 24, 2008

shane and shane

Friday night I had one of my favorite nights this whole summer. My friend Emily invited me to see Shane and Shane in concert.

It was my first time away from Maya and Brett out doing something fun, with a friend. Of course we had to stop by Starbucks on our way to make the experience complete. (by the way Starbucks no longer has decaf frappacino base, totally annoying for a nursing mommy) Then we were on our way. This wasn't just any Shane and Shane concert though, it was more of a private showing, in a castle (at the Navigators), with only 100 people. It was fantastic, totally personal, funny and uplifting. Unfortunately I don't have any photos, I brought my camera, but forgot the battery :O(

I loved my evening. If you ever have the opportunity to see Shane and Shane I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Maya having fun in her Exersaucer!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Maya" shirt

This is my favorite onesie! Isn't it so cute? Thanks so much L. we love it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We had to privilege of hosting another Ugandan at our home a few weeks ago. His name was Richmond, and he grew up in poverty in Uganda, Africa. His life was dramatically changed at a young age when he became a Compassion Child (you can sponsor one too! Compassion is a program that releases children from poverty in Jesus' name. There is a program within Compassion called the Leadership Development program. In this program a few students are chosen to receive sponsorship to get a college education (very big deal in developing countries) Richmond was picked to be in this program, and was blessed even further and received a scholardship for a masters degree at Moody Bible college in Chicago. That is where his visit to our house comes in.

Before starting Moody College, Richmond stopped in Colorado Springs to spend some time at Compassion. He stayed with us for a week, and it was a blessing. It was his first trip to the U.S. and everything was so different and so exciting! It was so fun watching him absorb it all. He was intrigued with so many things, from the water coming out of the refridgerator to all the sugar we add to our food. He even thought our grass was weird.

I took Richmond shopping and to get his first American hair cut, we had a blast!

Can you even imagine growing up in a place with no hope? Compassion gave hope to Richmond by educating him and teaching him about Jesus, because with Him there is hope! Richmond's life is forever changed, he went from poverty to earning a masters degree and even more important he gets to spend an eternity in heaven. I am sure he is forever grateful to the family who payed $30 a month so he could be in the Compassion program.

Richmond (Uganda), Michelle (Philipeans), Tony (Dominican Republic) all Compassion children who received college scholarships.

It mattered to them.......

Monday, August 11, 2008


Maya found her foot last week and she can't seem to get enough of it!