Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some July Favorites

I am just going to post a few of my favorite photos from July.  I am always sad when July is over because I feel like the summer is already coming to an end......way to soon.  So ready for some pictures?























Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ode to the Target Cart

Dear Target Grocery Cart,

Oh how you are so useful to me, you help guide my way throughout the aisles of Target sucking in food as I pass by each aisle.  I must say that we used to have such a great relationship, you know, when it was just you and I....   And then little Maya came along, and yes she took some attention away from you, but you were still very helpful in my attempt to obtain groceries.

Then, something strange happen in my life and suddenly I had three small children!  This is where our descent began, you stopped being useful to me and became a pain in my side.  You could no longer hold all of my children and all of my groceries.  You tried to be helpful buy adding a bulky plastic seat holder that did nothing but make my children completely naughty and you impossible to steer!
The "Naughty" Cart
My once relaxing perusing down the aisle has turned into a sweaty, stressful nightmare, where the Target bullseye no longer has it's powers on me to buy everything I see, because I don't have room or time!

And I do feel bad for you at times.  Like when people somehow find it impossible to put you back in the cart corral that is 5 ft away and leave you left to be hit by cars and stranded by yourself.  Please don't ever let me become that lazy, even with 3 small children and blowing snow I will always try to put you back, not just to respect you, but to respect the cars around you.

When I came back from shopping I found you right by my car, perhaps you missed me, or perhaps someone thought it was easier to put you here than the Corral just 2 parking spots down
Can you see where the Corral is, let us count, yes 1, 2 spots down. Boy that must have been a lot of work for someone to get you all the way down there rather than delicately or not so delicately placing you against my car
Oh how I would pay to have you resemble a Costco cart.  I really hate to compare you, that is not fair, but the Costco cart does have 2 seats in front, a large basket and is easy to steer..... I know practically the BMW of carts, right?
Can you see the joy in my children's faces, they have the perfect Grocery ride!
Maybe someday our relationship with be renewed, like when my children are grown and pushing you themselves.  I hope they learn to properly put you away.   But for now we remain at odds.

Your Friend, Jenni

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sarah {10 months}

Well we certainly have a little miss personality in the house now (well actually 3 of them)!

Miss Sarah has turned into a squealing, busy, loud, happy, delight!  I don't know how this happened all of a sudden she is like an adult baby, doing her own things all the time.
Sarah, this month you have made everything a bit harder, not just because you can crawl, but because you are soooo fast and get into everything you shouldn't, but you are so fun!

You squeal all.the.time.  We chase you down the hall and you crawl as fast as you can squealing so loud.

A few people who have seen you at the pool have said that you are the happiest baby they have ever seen!

Speaking of the pool, I thought you might be the baby that just sits in my arms and splashes. Nope!  You have no fear!  You crawl everywhere and even begin to float away.  You love the pool as much as your sisters and every time we arrive at the pool you begin to, yep that's right, squeal!

You love bananas!  Some mornings you even bang on your high chair tray screaming, "Nana Nana Nana!"
mmmmm that must be so good!

You always want things in your mouth you shouldn't have

I really like to hang out with you

You are still a great sleeper with 2 big naps a day and about 12-13 hours of sleep at night

I can already tell you want to be just like your sisters, playing with what they have, being in the same room, you just want to be like them!

You like to look at books

You sometimes twirl your the hair by your ears, I think it is so cute

You flip over every time we try to change your diaper

You look really cute with pigtails

You wiggle to get down on the grass and then do this with your legs

And this time it was really hard to get your 10 month photo want to see the out takes? (well if you don't, I am showing them anyway)
Nooo mamma
ahh, I want to cry, I want to laugh
I'm getting out of here
I will not smile momma
here you go mom
and look at your just a few months ago 6780494330_99498d615a_b 

Who knew you would turn into such a loveable, squeezable, fun loving, squealing delightful blondie!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

dream a little dream

So I have these occasional dreams about Carrisa.  She is there and alive, but there is a sense that she is out of place, or we are all so surprised to see her.  I have even had one where she is in the process of dying and over and over I keep trying to get to her, to ask her if she wants me to take care of Norah, but I can't ever get to her....   Tormenting, I know.

One of Carrisa's friends has had dreams about her all well, similar in the sense that Carrisa is there, but somehow out of place.  But she has had one dream where we are all there, me, Carrisa, & Norah, and in the dream Carrisa is totally ok with me being Norah's mommy.  It was so nice of Carrisa's friend to share this with me, and actually was very reassuring and comforting for me to hear.  Sometimes God can speak through other people.

I know in my heart that Carrisa is not upset we have Norah, that she probably had several people she knew could have taken care of Norah and we were one of them, but for me there is this gift I really would like to give Norah that I can't.  I really wish I could tell Norah that her mommy Carrisa said, " I want Jenni and Brett to take care of Norah forever."  That I can't ever give, and never change.

 I think it is easier for people on the outside to look in and know this is what Carrisa wanted, than it is for me to fully know.   I live with Norah every day.  I make mistakes. I feel inadequate, and I am inadequate without the Lord.  I have learned more about relying on the Lord in these last 10 months than my entire life.  When I was trying to do it all on my own, I was continually frustrated, impatience, and worn out.  When I started to seek the Lord when I didn't know what to do with my girls I started noticing huge changes! especially in Norah and especially in me.  I am not Norah, I don't know her heart, but the Lord does and He is helping me to better understand it and better know how to respond to her and my other children.  I still have moments where I don't respond like I should, I am human, and emotion can overtake me at times. I do have to ask for my children for forgiveness and it is not always easy.

The Lord has given me this job, to Sheppard my children's hearts, to Sheppard Norah's heart, and I feel honored.

I will always miss her so much though

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What it is like to......

shop for 3 girls!! Yikes!

I remember thinking that as soon as Norah came to live with us, there was one thing I didn't have to worry about, and that was her clothes.  She is almost exactly one year younger than Maya so I thought, "oh hand-me-downs will work perfect, Norah will be exactly one size smaller and they will be the same season and everything!"
well...hehehe that didn't last long...... it took me about 2 days to realize that Maya & Norah were the same size!  Oh great, now I have to basically shop for twins!  and then baby Sarah came along, yay!! another girl, more hand-me-downs, expect for she was born in the exact opposite season of Maya & Norah.  Maya was donning the sundresses at 0-3 months while Sarah needed a Burka.  Well, I know once Sarah gets bigger more hand-me-downs will work but for now, I kind of just have to make it work and improvise.

So what do I do, I shop at Old Navy a lot (yeah, you all knew that already right?)  But here is what I do, I do have an Old Navy credit card (one of the only ones I ever use)  I get info on specials, I get bigger discounts, and I get cash back, plus I pay it back right away.  The real trick though is not necessarily getting clearance items (which aren't always very cheap and usually picked over).  The trick is getting a sale combined with a coupon!  Like toddlers dress on sale for $6.00 with a 40% off coupon, score!!  When you have to buy 3 of the same thing, it really adds up.

So I did a little early school shopping because there was a one day special of 40% off at old Navy.  So I bought sale or clearance items and then in addition got the 40% off.  Want to see what I got for each girlie?

This is Norah's Pile

2 Dresses (for about $4.00 each) 
Shoes: They weren't only sale, but 40% off for shoes is good! 
Tank Top 
Free Tote

Total: $32.66
Originally:$109.76 (times 3 girls would have been well over $300!!)
Savings: $77.10 

 I got all of this for less than $100

5 tips for buying girls clothes
1)Always buy leggings, they are way cheaper than jeans, they go with everything, and you can use them in winter and summer seasons
2)Buy a season ahead if you can, you can get way more sale items
3)Buy one good pair of jeans, even if you have to spend a little more, one good pair will last longer, I usually buys jeans on sale at this place (they fit so much better on toddlers!)
4)Remember combine sales with great coupons!
5)Buy about 45 pairs of underwear when they are on sale, because you will need them ALL!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I love baby feet

Summer always seems to keep us busy and not as much time for blogging, but I wanted to share some random thoughts

We went to the Disney store today, it might as well have been Disneyland for the girls

I have some kind of cyst or something on my finger, it is driving me crazy, I must go to the dermatologist soon!

Maya is obsessed with Ariel even though we don't have the movie, nor can we buy it anywhere

I need a date night with my husband really bad, like one where I can dress up and feel pretty

I am trying to work out more

I had a dream of Carrisa 2 nights ago, I can't seem to get it out of my head

I love Chick-fil-a and when it does cow appreciation day

I love watching "So you Think you can Dance" in the summer time, it is my favorite show!

Baby Sarah keeps me on my toes. ALL.THE.TIME DSC_0049

I miss going ballroom dancing

We got to see some of Brett's family that were in the neighborhood today (Denver), so fun!

I have been practicing with my Camera lots and trying to shoot some photos in manual


I love baby feet

 We are going to a friends house tonight for a BBQ, my all time favorite thing to do in the summer!

Oh and FYI Brett and I have been working on the "parents of the year award today" Norah, peed her pants twice and ran out into the street in front of a car, Sarah took off her diaper during her nap and smeared pooped everywhere, I mean everywhere! Norah dumped her milk all over the floor at Mimis, and Maya can't seem to turn the whine button off.  I am pretty sure we might just win!