Sunday, June 27, 2010

Potty Training

What we have been up to lately.... Potty training

It is actually nothing like I imagined, no agony or frustration, just a great new phase of no diapers, thanks to a very helpful email I got on potty training in a day.

I knew it was time when Maya started hiding poop under her bed, I couldn't handle that for long. So we made a big deal of it, letting her pick out big girl undies, have a sticker chart and telling her all about her big "Potty Training Day" coming up. We also threw away every diaper, including swim diapers. She was so excited! It only took peeing in her big girl undies once to realize she didn't like that and she started telling me right away when she had to go. There have been accidents, but not like I anticipated. She has adapted so well and I am very proud of her, my big girl!
Of course we couldn't let potty training get in the way of making pizza with daddy

We also did finger painting on potty training day, it got a little messier than I thought it would

It was harder for he to adjust at the babysitter, but I did not allow the sitter to put pull-ups on her and after just a few days she was down to almost no accidents.

She gets so excited after each visit to the potty, even if it's only pee she says, " Maya poo poo potty!

I love her so much right now, she remembers everything! If I tell her we get to have family movie night tomorrow, she wakes up in the morning saying "Family movie night!."

Papa told her he would take her to the zoo and now everyday she says "Zoo, Papa, Animals"

She even told me a whole story that happened at the sitters house with one of the boys taking the toy car she wanted to ride in. It went something like this:
"Maya sad Molly's house. Kids play deck. Christian take my car. Maya sad and cried."

Maya also has this thing with pointing directly at certain men and saying "bad!" Sometimes we will be standing right next to them. It is usually pretty awkward and sometimes slightly funny, so we just pretend she is saying "That.

We have had a great summer so far, with lots of time at the pool, library friends houses and just being outside
Here are a few fun photos of our summer so far.
Dress up time!

Cooking time, she does this everyday

Pool time with Bennett and Jackson

Pool time with Taysen, Maya's new best friend (everyday she asks to go to Taysen's house)

Hanging out at Villa with Jackson

More to Come

Monday, June 7, 2010

Houston 2010

This year was our 2nd trip to Houston to visit the Gratzer Family (Brett's oldest brother Tim and family; Cynthia, Coby & Garek). Flying was definitely better than the 18 hour drive we did last year. We love visiting them! Everything about the trip was perfect and fun, not to mention we were taken care of sooo incredibly well the whole time!

We went to the Aquarium on the first day, which Maya thoroughly loved since she could see "Nemo" & "Dori" There was also a fabulous train ride that featured a really cool shark exhibit and also a glorious ride through the parking lot(not quite the disney experience, but still very fun). Cousin Garek was amazed that Maya loved the sharks. He was also amazed that Maya took one of his pieces of pizza at lunch time, "Mom, I can't believe it! Maya just took a piece of my pizza!" Gotta love her
Maya-2, Coby-8, Garek 5

"Mommy, Dori!"

Aunt Cynthia, Coby & Garek

Scary Shark

lovely parking lot

It wasn't hot in Houston, just scorching

Wiped out

I love the way Maya said everyone's name

Uncle Tim= Nuncle Tim
Aunt Cynthia= Cidia
Maya loved being with her "Nuncle Tim," she even stayed cuddled in his arms after a lip injury.

Saturday, May 29th, Brett and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary, love him!! 6 years... wow, I don't think we are allowed in the young married group anymore. I have loved every minute with him, and can't wait for more!

We enjoyed a neighborhood BBQ with lots of fun family competitions. Maya got to go down a big inflatable water slide, she was clearly too small for it, but that didn't stop her. We also learned that Maya loves Blackberry's!

up the slide

down the slide

after the slide

Go Daddy!

Yes, Blackberries, and no that's not a missing tooth

Tim and Cynthia took us out to a great Italian restaurant for our anniversary and we enjoyed some time outside on a beautiful Houston evening. It was so great celebrating our anniversary with them, they have always been so supportive and were there for our wedding day and it just felt special to be with them on that day

Sunday we went to church (loved the Church!) Then had an amazing brunch before heading to the Butterfly Exhibit. I was fascinated by all of the bugs and creatures, I could have spent hours there, but Maya kept me busy chasing her around.


Cousin Coby at a Salt N' Vinegar Cricket. Eww...


We made memorial day cupcakes and all the kids got to help

Coby's final cupcake

So Sweet, Coby reading to Maya

Monday a day by the pool.... ahhh......... couldn't have asked for anything more :O) Cynthia parents have a beautiful home with a pool right outside and we had to all to ourselves.

Timer Photos

We can't wait to see you guys again!