Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm going Loco

I'm totally going Loco and here are my 10 reasons why

1. I lose my phone about 45 times a day and have NO idea where it is!

2. I have forgotten to give Norah her insulin (more than once), you know that life saving medicine of hers........... #worstmom

3. Staring at the wall feels like bliss

4.   I thought Sarah had diabetes one day when she had to pee 5 times, I even checked her blood sugar

5.  97, 122, 67, 169, 84 these kinds of numbers fill my mind ALL day!

6.  I laughed when I realize Sarah is most likely lactose intolerant

7.  I say things like, "oh that medical bill isn't to bad, it's only like $800"

8.  I have forgotten groceries in the bottom of the cart not once, twice, or even three times, how about four!

9.  I'm eating something called "hemp seed" and enjoying it

10.  and  I'm actually going to attempt to stay in a best western hotel for 3 days with only 2 double beds,  no type of kitchen or refrigerator, with all 4 of my children ages 6 and under, 3 of which have special dietary needs and one who poops her pants everyday, while my husband is reffing soccer non stop


At least this tiny man is so very adorable


Monday, April 21, 2014

To Oil Pull (random thoughts from a random hygienist)

Since my blog is called "toothgirl" everyone once in a while I will write on that very topic, teeth.  So here is the latest

Oil Pulling?
Have you heard of it?
It's the lastest fad, all over the internet and facebook.
What is it?
Well in short, it is swishing with oil (preferably coconut oil) for 20 minutes in your mouth to remove bacteria and toxins. It's suppose to have all kinds of dental benefits, including reducing cavities and  help with all kinds of other body aliments!

I have had a lot of people ask me what I think about it, and here is what I think.

It can't hurt
Cocunut oil has many benefits, we have a huge vat of it at our house!
I haven't read any scientific study though or even tried it,  I have just read the facebook fad going around, so I don't know of it's true concrete benefits.

What I do know is that if you have 20 minutes to swish oil around in your mouth you certainly have time to brush and Floss!

Oh that nasty word, floss!  I know I know, how dare I say it.


Well well, what if I told you of all of that major benefits of flossing?  How it prevents cavities, gingivitis and gum disease!  Would it become the knew fad?  Would everyone post a link to my blog on the AMAZING benefits of all natural flossing?  Of it's healing powers to the body. No toxins or chemicals, no pharmaceutical medicine, and you know what, it's cheap, Cheaper than coconut oil! You can even get it for free from your dentist, or my house. And it takes about 2 minutes. 

Not only does it prevent cavities, and reduce gum disease and gingivitis, it gets rid of bad breath, prevents heart disease and stroke, it can even help prevent premature birth! And talk about removing toxins, it reduces lots of yucky bacteria throughout your whole body!  It is one of the cheapest and easiest thing you can do for your health!

 Your mouth is connected to your body, so when you have bacteria in your gums and in between your teeth it flows throughout your body.  So when you floss you get rid of a ton of that crap and feel better, not just in your mouth!  Brushing doesn't get rid of all that bacteria sitting in between your teeth, you have to floss, boo!

Oh but it hurts!  It hurts because you don't do it, I promise if you do if for 10 days in a row it will magically stop hurting.  It's just like exercising any muscle, it is sore at first.

And how do I know this?  beyond everything I was taught in school (which you may think is biased), I see it, I have seen it for almost 10 years.  I see the benefits when I look in someones mouth!  I can tell when people floss, amazing I know, but I see the direct benefits of their work, their great oral health!  And when people start flossing more and taking care of their teeth and gums they seriously start feeling better, all over!  I don't need a book or a scientific study to show me that, I have seen tangible proof over and over and over!!

And would you believe people who floss live longer? because if you have teeth and can eat healthy foods and have less bacteria in you mouth you live longer! So amazing!

So as I am not condemning oil pulling in the least, I'm just also encouraging that basics, what you have always known, what is super cheap and super beneficial, floss!

Wahhoooo #toothgirl

Monday, April 14, 2014

Are there carbs in snow? {Norah Update}

Yesterday while running into Awana's as the snow fell down from the sky, Norah stuck out her tongue to catch a little flake and then she asks, "mommy are there carbs in snow?"

It made me both laugh and feel sad at the same time.

I bet your 4 year old has never asked you a question like that, but this is life for Norah now, forever.

Any and every bite that ever goes into Norahs mouth is a math problem, a carbohydrate calculation.  She cannot just take a quick bite on the go, or have a normalish snack because her body won't know what to do...... Even meals have to be well thought out and planned and counted.

And to be honest it sucks, it always will, even though we are getting more used to it, the realization that it is never going away, is very difficult, especially for Norah, especially for me.

I think one of my greatest fears in life is something that has no end....... an illness, a disease, a nightmare with never ending tables to serve, sometimes even the thought of eternity scares me, because it has no end...... that is one of the difficulties of diabetes type 1 it has no end.  
The dream of a healthy child is gone, vanished

Despite the endless task of counting carbs, checking blood sugar, and giving injections Norah is doing really well.  She surprises me in many ways, her maturity, her understanding.  She checks her own blood sugar, she pokes herself and knows how to use the meter (even though she can't always read the number).  She  is 4 years old.
Fact: for Norah's age her blood sugar should be between 80-180
when we went to the ER her blood sugar was 700

The food situation has been a huge adjustment! HUGE!  Not that we were unhealthy eaters in the least, we do our best to eat balanced and organic, staying away from junk and GMO's., But Norah would still get an occasional treat, a cookie, a piece of candy, a juice box or simply honey on her toast (yep, can't do that anymore either).  And since Norah's diagnosis (2 months ago) she has not had even one piece of candy, and maybe 3 cookies and she has hardly complained, like almost not at all!

Maybe this is the miracle that God is giving me, because Norah loves food and sweets, I mean she was finally potty trained when Brett gave her a cupcake for going potty.  She is 4, she has been to parties seeing other kids eat candy, knowing that she used to be able to eat it..... and although Brett and I have intervened quickly in some situations with sugarless gum or a sugarless special drink when we are about to see her tears flow, she has mostly kept her head held high and had a good attitude.  I have been just utterly shocked at times expecting Norah to have a melt down of sorts, and all she says is "awww man"

Oh, but if I tell her to wear pants or that she can't have a dress up.... well that's a whole different story and battle in itself.

Our next step, trying to get Norah an insulin pump.  This will be able to give Norah more accurate insulin dosages and requires less injections, all around it will probably things a bit easier and I think long term it will be better for Norah's overall health.   And along with our expanding pile of medical bills the pump will have a price tag.  I know the Lord will provide in some way, He has been doing small and miraculous things that have helped us to keep a float

The Lord has comforated me in ways that I didn't know possible.  From Maya deciding she was brave enough to get her ears pierced because "Norah gets shots every day, so I can do it. " To Sarah requesting, "my turn" after Norah gets her blood sugar checked or an insulin shot. (And Sarah has even let me poke her finger and check her sugar).

 Although Norah's diabetes might not have an end on earth it will in heaven someday, where death is defeated and she is completely healed!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Levi Paul {7months}

You just grew up so much this past month!  I can't help but want to hug and squeeze every ounce of babiness you have left because to soon it will all be gone :(

You got to see California for the first time this past month and you loved it!  You were so flexible and easy, basically the entire trip.  You loved being outside, in the warmth, looking around and observing everything! You also loved napping in your stroller under the warm sun, some days you would just sleep for hours like that.  I'm sure it's because of that California blood flowing inside of you!
DSC_1173 california11

You especially loved this sweet girl in California, and somehow you look alike, even though you are not related

You do a combat army roll just about everywhere!  I have know idea how you get from place to place, but you move everywhere on the ground without crawling!

You "roar" and "screech" just like a boy, I love your sounds they crack me up and I love that you just have them, because your sisters certainly didn't teach you how to make those sounds!

You love to eat! You are even staring to pick up a few foods and eat them.  You even love brocolli!

You also finally started going longer between feedings, which has been great for everyone!

You sometimes cry when I'm out of sight, it is both sad and endearing, you are a mama's boy and I'm soaking in every ounce of it.

You often play with my hair while nursing.

You are also the worlds most distracted nurser.  Things that cause you to stop nursing include:
-your sisters or anyone person being in the same room
-me speaking any words
-my let down not happening in 2 seconds
-the heater clicking on
-me picking up my phone or a book to read
-basically any sound or movement happening around you. 

I'm not even sure how I'm still nursing you with all of my diet restrictions and your distractions.  It is a complete miracle from God that I still have milk!  We just go behind closed doors often, but to be honest I don't mind the few minutes of peace and quite with just the two of us (that is until I can hear one of your sisters crying or fighting).

You have to best open mouth smile charming every person you flash it too

You are my handsome boy

  Happy squirmy 7 months Levi
 levi7months2 levi7months