Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarah {6 months}

Ok, so 6 months old for a baby is like OLD, like not a little baby anymore, but a big, interactive, personality kicking self.  Sheesh, how did Sarah grow so fast? Cutie Pie

You have done a lot at this age Sarah.  You have been on your first plane ride, and you did wonderful! I attribute my success with flying alone with 3 children mostly to you (because if you would have been fussy everything else would have been impossible).  So thank you, thank you for being such an easy going/happy baby.

You had your first trip to California

Your first time at the beach

And your first time meeting one of the "Sarah's"

See, I have never known a Sarah to not be beautiful

You also met Poppy

Uncle Jordan

and Aunt Candice

You love to know what is going on and be part of the action, ALL THE TIME!

You can sit up for about 10 seconds but then usually fall over because you are trying to grab a toy. 

Yes, you are still obsessed with toys, in the mouth

No teeth yet, but I can see that they are about to come in

You talk a lot and say, "mamamamamam" and I am pretty sure you are saying "mama" or a least I would like to think so.

You definitely look like Maya, but you are also yourself.  One of our neighbors even said you look just like Norah and it melted my heart

You love to touch people faces and stair at them.  You have a special place in this mans heart

You roll in both directions, but often get stuck on your belly when I lay you down for a nap, you don't like being on your belly
about to roll

You need a hair cut, really bad

You started eating solids just a few weeks ago, and your first food was avocado. You loved it and ate like a champ!
Photo Mar 01, 5 27 16 PM

You are
our sweet baby girl

Monthly Progression

Monday, March 26, 2012

Pismo Beach


Pismo beach is really one of my favorites!  It holds lots of childhood memories.  A quite, and clean southern California Beach. Just an incredibly beautiful area.  I love going to the beach, I must go every year!
To be honest, I am not a huge sand person.  You know like sand getting everywhere, in every crevice, in every article of clothes, in hair, in food, it just seems to get in places that don't even exist.  In fact, I won't let the girls have a sand box at home, and I hate it when they get in the sand at the park (so gross to me, I feel like they will catch impetigo or some other nastiness).  Anyway, with all that said for some reason I totally don't mind the messy sand I know the beach with bring with the girls, it is part of the adventure!  And by the time we drove home from this particular adventure, the girls had nothing but underwear on because everything else was covered in sand.

The beach always gives the best photos! So here they are


She loves the beach and the water. It was a nice day, upper 60's, but the water was very cold. Maya didn't care and just was running and splashing around in it all day.




She wasn't the hugest fan of the cold water, but was her Norah self, and loved the sand!





This was her first time at the beach.  She seemed so intrigued, and loved to touch the sand and eat it! She was her normal cute self

 I loved when her feet touched the sand, her little toes just started exploring



Love this one with Grammy

It was a good day

they played well together

My Girls


My 3 favorite photos, my 3 favorite girls

oh Norah


It was my favorite part of the trip

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A small town

(Hold your breath this is a long one)

The first part of our trip to California was to a small town, known as New Cuyama, CA (about 50 miles away from Santa Maria), we went to see Grandma.  It is where I was born and 4 of my other siblings, it is where my Grandparents owned half of the businesses, it is where my dad grew up, and it is where my Grandma has lived for over 50 years.   It isn't known for anything, expect for being on this fail blog

It was an oil town, and is now dying since there is no longer very much oil.  It is a town that holds so many memories for me though, good memories.

My first house

My first friends

My first time remembering
I was Maya's age when we moved away
It is so strange to go back, it brings a wave of emotion, a flood of thoughts about my father and my Pop Pop (grandpa).  I still seem to be able to smell the cigars that have been gone for over 14 years, because that smell is a memory of my Pop Pop that I hold onto.  I can feel the raspberry kiss on my cheeks from him, and hear his laughter and see how much he loved all of his Grandchildren.

Thinking of him makes me think of how wonderful of a grandpa my dad would have been, how much he would have just adored his grand daughters.   The girls, they slept in his old room, and I was hoping they could have just a glimpse of him, a scent, a photo, anything.  I love that Norah shares this with Maya & Sarah, she shares this side of the family, they have the same grandparents, the same great grandparents, it is really special and something most adoptive parents don't have.

And then there were the memories of my brother Darren, he spent more time in New Cuyama than any other town.  In fact, this tree was planted  in front of our house the year he was born, the tree is 36 years old.


It got me thinking a lot, you know being very sentimental and thinking about life in general.  It got me thinking how each of our lives is just this breeze that passes through, and how everything around continues to change and grow even though people aren't around anymore, everything moves forward.  This tree is still around, creating beauty, sharing shade when the leaves bloom, making an impact, yet my brother who is gone is still making an impact, on me at least.   So what then when I go, when all the trees around my house have grown, when a hundred years have passed and I am gone, will I still have made an impact?  Will my life be remember, or will is just be a breeze that passes?

And then there is my Grandma, my last living grandparent. She has lived an amazing life.
It was so special to see her, to have her spend time with the girls, to meet Sarah.
She is Special

 I don't talk about the losses of my grandparents as much, but they have all in their own way been difficult and each grandparent has been special.  Now with only one Grandma left, who is getting older, and who lives far away, it seems only a matter of time before she is gone too.  She knows this , and talks about it.  I had a lot of emotions on my last night there, knowing that this may be the last time I see her (or maybe not).  It is hard to feel like a generation is almost come to an end in my family.  I love my grandma, she is such a hard worker and strong woman.  She is a little spit fire.  She has seen the loss of all of her siblings,  2 spouses, a son and 2 grandchildren (and many friends).  My grandma is full of life and full of memories, so what I asked on our last day with her was for a memory of my father, a good one, and it was perfect.  It was a gift that only she could give, that only she could remember, something that will be gone once she is gone.




seriously treasuring this moment

I may never go back to this town, who knows, but I wanted to snap a few photos, just to remember.

I wanted to remember the street that I walked down hundreds of times, and take my girls down it

the valley

the old airport

our old house

the burger barn


Time at the park



they will all be missed...

I am so glad Grandma got to meet her youngest great grand daughter

When we were leaving my Grandma said to me, "see you again, someday somewhere" I had to walk away quickly to avoid the tears.
Love you Grandma

see you again, someday