Saturday, February 27, 2010


We have entered Maya into the Old Navy Supermodelquin search and would love your help!!!! So please vote for her

1. go to on the supermodelquins search link
3. click on rate entries
4. search for Maya G. (there are 2 other maya g's, but she is the one from
colorado springs)
5. you must register (or log in) to rate
6. after you register a 15 % off coupon will pop up, *make sure to still
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*7. Tell as many of your friends and family as you can!!
8. You can vote 1xday for the next 4 days, so vote for her!!!

Thanks for all of your help!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Blessed Life

Our life, our family is very Blessed!

We just recently paid off all of our dept (minus the house), in fact, it was on my birthday and I seriously couldn't have had such a wonderful present! We have not been debt free since we have been married. We both brought cars with loans into our marriage and credit card dept. It was not always easy, in fact there were times pancakes for dinner was the best option because it was what was in the cupboard.
There are so many books out there to help become dept free and many of them are excellent!!! We did use a few concepts from Dave Ramsey, but mainly we are dept free from this book, "The Blessed Life," by Robert Morris

This book teaches what it really means to tithe. Not just tithing 10% because our church tells us too. It tells us that tithing is so much more than that, it is about the first of our fruits (the first 10% out of our paycheck), and doing it with excitement and even more than that it is just trusting God with our finances (because whatever we have is Gods anyway). Many people believe that if they don't tithe they can you use more income to pay off dept, but it is the opposite, when you tithe God increases your income and helps you find other ways to pay off dept.

I cannot do this book justice. I am not a huge reader, I like reading, but it really takes a good book for me. When I first starting reading "The Blessed Life" I didn't want to put it down. Everything about it makes sense, it is biblical, and it gives a great new perspective.

Some of the examples in the book seem ridiculous, because they are so unbelievable! It is really such a wonderful sign of God because only he could do them. After reading this book and applying Gods principles we started to see God work in our lives in very exciting ways.

Small things like free meals, and gift cards from people to grocery stores were a few of the things at first. We ask God continually for a raise for Brett at work, despite the economy and in addition to his yearly very small raise. Brett worked incredibly hard, we were not asking God for something he did not deserve. A the beginning of the year Brett was blessed with a great raise and so was I! There are many other ways we have been blessed and we are so thankful!

We are excited for others to read this book and know what it is to live a blessed life!