Sunday, February 22, 2009

Diaper Cake

I just attended my first of many baby showers for the year, it was for my friend Nicole. She is so sweet, she is my small group leader and someone who has been my friend since I first moved here. I wanted to help out with the shower, so I made my first diaper cake. It is actually really easy and a whole lot cheaper than buying one.
I watched a video on youtube to learn how to make one and what supplies I needed. Then I just personalized her cake with things she had registered for, it was so fun! If anyone wants one in the future, just let me know, I would love to make one.

Other events:

-Maya can stand on her own 2 feet and dance
-Maya's favorite word is GOOG
-I had my 27th b-day, it was fun. I got a work b-day, and husband b-day and a family b-day
-Maya loves her blankie and buying another necessary one will cost $40
-We already have plans to travel to Oregon, Texas, and California before July
-Maya gets to meet Dana tomorrow (hopefully)
-I really need to do something with my hair
-Maya's favorite food is anything she can put in her mouth by herself

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ba ba & da da

We would like to say Maya's first words are "Bob" & "Dad"..... but in reality she is just saying baba and dada, it is still so cute though. Take a look for yourself.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wedding bells

Surprise! My father-in-law Dan is engaged! Yes, it happened the first weekend in February, Dan purposed to Bonnie on top of a cliff in Garden of the gods.

We first met Bonnie in January when she flew out here from her home state of Oregon (yes, she lives out of state, and yes they were only dating for a few months). I really like her, I think she is sweet, funny, genuine and she even watched Maya for us so Brett and I could go out on a date.

It is slightly strange that it has happened so fast but I do understand why in many ways. They are both older and are more certain of what they want, neither of them want to waste time dating someone they don't believe they could marry and the long distance relationship is hard and expensive. I am really happy for Dan, he is just glowing and I am just happy he won't be alone for the rest of his life.

Fran will not be forgotten or replaced...... no one is like her. I hope that this new transition in our family life goes well, we welcome Bonnie with open arms. I am looking forward to having a grandmother near for Maya.

The wedding date is set for April 18th in Portland, Oregon. We will be going there for the weekend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and they meet

This weekend my good friend from Omaha, Sarah and her adorable daughter Londyn came to visit us. Londyn is just 2 weeks older than Maya and this was their first meeting!

Ok, they were too cute! When picked up from the airport Maya and Londyn were reaching across the car seats trying to hold hands. They both have blond hair, blue eyes, and are about the same size. They were already best friends before they met.

We loved spending time with them, enjoying chick-fil-a (twice), a girls night out to the movie, brownies, a walk, giggles, and just time catching up.

I really wish Sarah and I lived closer. I love sharing this part of life with her.

miss you girls already!