Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why I Blog

I have been working on getting a new design for my blog (or should I say someone else is)  but it is taking a bit longer than expected.  One of the categories I am going to have though is "Why I Blog."

I mean there has to be a reason/purpose for me to do something otherwise I wouldn't want to keep doing it, ya know.

There are many reason I blog.  I started a blog long before our crazy life happened, and my intention was to keep a "journal" of our lives.  You know have photos, events, etc.   I wasn't to good at blogging back in the day, I wasn't quite as passionate about it.

When my sister died though I found that I had this responsiblity, this responsiblity to keep people updated on Norah, on her life, to know that she was and is ok, that they can still be a part of her life even though she is far away, and so people can still see that bit of Carrisa that lingers.  As much as I would love to keep up with everyone with letters, emails, and personal contact, it is to hard for me right now, there are just so many people and many whom I have never even met that knew my sister.
That is the main reason why I started to become more diligent on my blog.  It is so much easier for me to update what is going on in our family in one place that everyone can see.  I know that is does not feel as personal as some people would like our contact to be, but it is the best I can do for now.

There are other reasons I blog , I have learned that writing has been a wonderful outlet/type of therapy for me.  It allows me to release emotions and process my thoughts.  It has been a wonderful source of encouragement, so many have you have written such encouraging comments, advice, and just your thoughts, which I love.  Sometimes I feel like I am writing into oblivion, wondering if anyone out there is even reading or cares.

This blog has also been a place where I can share my story, my testimony, my perspective and why we decided to adopt Norah.  We all have our own story, each unique and inspiring in its own way and this is where I can share mine.  I always hope that someone will relate or find encouragement in my story.  Sure, many people may come across my blog and not like it or disagree with what I believe in, but that doesn't matter because you can never take my story from me.  You can argue theology about religion, but you cannot argue how God has personally been involved in my life in a very tangible way.

One thing that I didn't even realize would happen with blogging is some of the amazing people you meet in this world wide web of ours.  Not people I have ever met in person, but people I have met from the blogosphere, that I would hope to meet in person someday.  Like Emily, over at the Anderson Crew, her blog has been such an awesome encouragement for me ,(she went from 1 to 3 girls in 2011 also!) can wait to run into her someday.  Or Callie, another hygienist who has this blog.  She is always writing encouraging thoughts and comments, so maybe we can have coffee in person someday.

And finally I want these 3 little ladies to be able to come back and see this someday, to remember what their lives where like, to see pictures and hear accounts from their moms perspective.  And maybe even when they are mad at me someday that can scroll on here and know that I love them so much!

So if you happen to stroll upon this blog, don't forget to show your love and leave a comment and remind me that I am not writing into a black whole, that every once in a while someone is listening!


  1. i wish my mom had blogged when we were younger (my sisters and i)....too bad they didn't have blogs back then. :)

    ps we have the same first and middle name! although technically i am jennifer. :)

  2. Jenni, I am listening/reading! :) I so enjoy your blog and your heart behind it. I especially appreciate your posts where you've been raw and relatable. Whether it's related to pain and heartache, or a little someone throwing a tantrum in your neighbors house while you attempt to deliver Christmas cheer... ;) It's so refreshing to come to your blog. And I think it's very sweet to use this as a source of documentation for the years ahead. What a treasure. :)

  3. Jenni, I'm reading and i do care. I love following you and your family and I think you are such an amazing inspiration.

    Love, Nina

  4. i'm reading and LOVING all your posts!!!! you always seem to speak directly to my heart. i love looking at your awesome pictures you take & you write so well! you have encouraged me so many times to be a better & more creative mama. you are such an inspiration to me jenni, thanks for blogging:)

  5. ahhhh! you are so cute Jenni. I love reading every post. I have your blog on my home screen. I was reading long before your new/crazy/exciting journey started, but I've loved watching/reading how much you have grown. Your girls are all beauties. Keep it up. xo Kerry

  6. I'm reading and loving what I read! I have so many blogs on my list...but i find i just scroll down to see if only a handful of them have posted - and your blog is one of the handful! I love reading your blog, so keep up the posting!xx

  7. Jen,

    I'm reading! And I love that you've been blogging so now that we've reconnected I can catch up on your life. Just from the short amount I've read I've been blessed by your "realness" and love for Jesus. I also think it is so great that ten years ago you gave me a journal for my 20th birthday and wrote in it how every woman needs a place to write her thoughts and feelings. Now here we both are at new places in our lives, able to catch up on these past years with each other because of this blogging journal type on the blogosphere.

    I too have met some wonderful people thru blogging - one of which has become a very dear friend now. It is wonderful to read your thoughts. You are touching and encouraging more people than you know I'm sure. Thanks for your heart Jenni. Keep the posts coming!

  8. i love why i blog pages, its not a black hole!!!

  9. Hi Jenni! I was just setting up a blog, private for now as I'm trying to figure out how "blogworld" operates. This is totally new to me. Somehow your name popped up, maybe because we have things in common. I too am a dental hygienist and a Christian. Like you, I have a story. I've up in the air about sharing. Very apprehensive. I've been reading a little about your story and your faith blesses me. God Bless You!

  10. Anna shared a link to your blog today and I have been browsing around. I love how you write from your heart, and do it so beautifully.


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