Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in California

We couldn't leave without having Starbucks!

Our trip began at 4pm on Tuesday leaving in the car for a 17 hour drive. Well, that 17 hours turned into about 20, since they closed the freakin interstate! The weather was less than ideal driving through Wyoming, snowing, windy, blinding conditions. Brett did great driving, protecting myself and the baby. I am sure it was very stressful for him (you did great babe). We were finally within reach of Utah, clear skies, no more snow, good road conditions, and they CLOSED the interstate! What the heck, why now, with good road conditions? We had to pull over (it's 1am) with over 100 other cars where there were no services, nothing, just cold.

I froze for 2.5 hours, and was warmed about every 45 minutes when Brett would turn the car on. I tried to cuddle in my holey blanket and pile jackets up on myself to keep the heat in, but the bitter 4 degree weather penetrated the car and me! Finally they opened the interstate (now 2:30am), and we proceeded with no idea why it was ever closed to begin with. arghhhh!!!

Despite the drive we enjoy our trip. We spent time with our friends the Hornackes and their cute daughter Kyri. We at at In N' Out burger (of course twice) so tasty. We got to go to grandmas house, enjoy thanksgiving meal, time with family, and a hilarious white elephant gift exchange. Brett and I also got to enjoy a night in the ER together, because we Both checked in, so fun, but not really.

Don't worry we are all 3 fine (baby included). We thought we had a bad case of food poisoning but it turned about to be a virus called "Gastroentenitis." Brett and I woke up at about 1 am exchanging vomit sessions in the bathroom, it was terrible.... and then it turned to diarrhea and vomit. Brett laughed out loud while I was going diarrhea, no shame left there folks. It actually wasn't really diarrhea it was more like brown water coming out of my butt. We then laid back down and laughed together because we were both so sick. My mom heard this commotion and heard mom instinct kicked in and she took us to the ER (especially since I am pregnant)

Upon arrival to the ER Brett and I exchanged trips to the bathroom, just releasing more Bile, because that was about all that was left in our bodies. Somehow the front desk lady didn't notice Brett getting up every 2 minutes to vomit and didn't check him in, thinking he was fine. Poor husband, who was probably worse than myself, kept getting ignored (love ya babe). We were treated with IV liquids, an anti nausea med, an the babies heart beat was check and it was just fine. Oh not to mention we were there for over 4 hours. Now all we had left was a 17 hour drive back to Colorado. We survived and now just laugh at the situation, although I never want to do it again.

Despite the ER and the closed interstate I had a great time and was so happy to see my family and friends.

Cousins and Siblings

The Adults and Danny

My 7 year old nephew Danny with his Bling

Sarah, Kevin and Kyri

Thursday, November 15, 2007

He hear's even the little ones

Funny story from last night:

I have been bugging Brett for a few weeks now to get his hair cut. We are going to see my family in California next week (yeah, so excited), and Brett's hair has very awkward, uneven bangs, and it's just getting mangy. He usually replies, "noooo I don't wanna cut it, I'm growing it out."

So last night as we are going to bed I start to remind Brett that he should get his hair cut before we leave. He picks up the Bible and says, "Only if the chapter we read tonight mentions hair." (Okay like that is going to happen)

I tell him, "Well lets continue reading in Acts, I think I am on Chapter 18." He starts reading the chapter and suddenly it hits me, "Oh my gosh, this is the chapter where Paul cuts his hair!" I am gleaming with excitement, I cannot wait for Brett to read the hair scripture.

Then Brett stops reading and says, "Wait a second!" He suddenly realizes that this chapter mentions hair.

I start laughing and bouncing with joy on the bed. Brett starts frantically reading to look for the word "hair." Then he says, " It's not in this chapter, it's the next."

I say, "No Brett, it is in this Chapter," so I grab the Bible and start searching for "hair." Then there is glorious redemption when I see a beaming light shining down on Act Ch 18. Vs 18. ".... Before he sailed, he had his hair cut off at Cenchrea because of a vow he had taken."

Yes! God spoke to Brett and told him to cut his hair! He even answers the little prayers. Thank you Jesus. I am still smiling about it. Brett is getting his hair cut on Saturday :O)

I am really excited to go to California! We are driving there though, not fun, over 17 hours in the car with a pregnant lady, and we are going straight through! We leave Tuesday afternoon and get there Wednesday morning. Brett dreads it more than I because he knows he will drive most of the time.

Looking forward to:

-Seeing all of my family!
-In and Out Burger
-Sarah, Kevin, and Kyri
-Making Thanksgiving food
-Brett getting to spend a holiday with my family for the first time
-Grandma's house (the coolest place)
-Day after thanksgiving shopping
-Starbucks the day after thanksgiving early in the morning
-In and Out burger again, because we will go there at least twice

Sunday, November 11, 2007

17 weeks

I am 17 weeks now, that is only 3 weeks away from being half-way there! These 2 pictures are actually on the same day, I just show more in the afternoon and evening than in the morning, isn't that funny!

I feel like between the 16th and 17th week is when I finally started to show a little bit. It's that kind of belly showing that feels and looks more like I have gained awkward fat. I know you are all thinking, "no way Jenni it doesn't look like fat, it just looks like a cute belly." Well, for anyone who has ever been pregnant or is currently pregnant they know exactly what I am talking about. It's the, you look fat more than you look pregnant stage, where people who know you know you are pregnant, but to strangers you look like you have weird belly fat. I just want the belly that identifies I am pregnant.

I have had a few people tell me, "Oh Jenni it finally looks like you are gaining weight." I am never sure how to take that comment, I mean I definitely want to gain weight, but that is normally not a compliment. No, I am not in maternity clothes yet, although my books say that I should definitely be by now. I have felt the baby a few times, it feels like tiny gas bubbles, its nothing like ordinary gas. I am also feeling MUCH better (thank you Jesus). I thought I might be one of the unlucky women burdened with being sick all 9 months, but it has passed for the most part.

Brett puts his hand on my belly and prayers for "little baby" at night (that is what we call the baby). He has also scolded the baby a few times for making mommy sick. I like to rub my hand around my stomach and remind "little baby" of how much I already love her/him. Can't wait until December when we find out what "little baby" is!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Grade Cute

Isn't this the cutest picture! It is Brett in grade school and it makes me so happy to look at. If I were in 2nd grade I would totally have a crush on him :O)
I have my heart set on having a girl, but really after looking at this picture I would be so happy to have a boy too, especially if he looks like Brett! I love my husband.