Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Norah goes to Pre-K

I know this is so late.... Norah started pre-K in September, just a few days after I had Levi, so I needed a few days/weeks/months, then  when I went to do the original blog post, my i photo wasn't working so I couldn't do it then either and then life just happened.  We are still in October though, right,? and I wanted to remember these days with Norah, and although her first day of school wasn't quite as exciting as Maya's, it was still very special.

Norah is my goof ball, always busy, always moving.  She has also become my helper, she helps so much with Levi, getting diapers, singing to him, playing with him, just being a great big sister.  One thing she really loves though is going to Pre-K.  She asks me what day of the week it is to determine how close it is for her to get to go to Pre-K again (she just goes 2 afternoons a weeks).

She was so excited about her first day that Grammy did her hair up real special

She looks so cute


But this is my real Norah, never giving the camera a real smile, just being her goofy self, so much like her mommy Carrisa!!
DSC_0695 DSC_0693 DSC_0696 DSC_0697

it has taken almost 9 months for Norah's hair to become even again after the dreaded butcher from last Decemember, but I guess Norah doesn't like even hair because she cut it again!!!!!!

 yep, you can all gasp and judge me as a parent.   A few weeks ago, she got a hold of some scissors that were high up, she then hid under the table and did a number on her bangs.  I had no words, I just gave her  directly to Brett.  She is bound to be a hair dresser, or I am just that bad of a parent.   The Lord just continues to humble me

Short bangs, silly faces and all, I love this girl norahmom norahmom2

so here is Norah's Pre-K Interview norahprekinterview 

Rapunzle much? She has loved Rapunzle ever since we have had her for almost 3 years!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

the pumpkin patch or not patch

It has been over a year since I was last in California.
This is the longest it has ever been since I have been there.
I heart Californiaand my friends and family that are there, you all know that, so going for long periods of time without visiting is hard on me.
This crazy thing happens with you start having more kids, it just becomes a little harder to travel, you know more expensive, and most likely more poop to clean up. And with Maya being in school and me just having a baby I knew that California was not in the books for this fall, which was a big ole bummer!

I have shed a few tears about this long pause in our visit, and complained to Brett a million times about the pumpkin patch in Colorado, or that lack of it.  I think the pumpkin patch here just reminds of what I am missing out on in California;  Glorious Apple Hill, the wineries, the scenery, Bishops Pumpkin patch, a cold apple slushy, 75 degrees, apple donuts,  sigh......and  in Colorado we have a random field with some pumpkins, a slide, freezing cold wind, and a tired looking pony.  Gosh, I sound like a whiny 3 year old, guess I have been around a few to many of those lately, maybe like everyday.

So we got a groupon and took the girls to the Colorado pumpkin patch  windy field this year.  You know what though, the girls loved it!  They squealed with delight, well mostly, Sarah cried quite a bit and had a runny nose because it was so windy.  But they really did like it, and that is what matters.  It was really fun to watch them so happy, it made me forget for a second that I was really bitter about not being in California.

DSC_0614 DSC_0487

The slide is actually pretty fun. 

See even Brett likes it


I always get a tinge of anxiety when my girls get on any type of horse, that feeling is always followed by a little sadness knowing Fran can't see her granddaughters on a horse, she would have been so proud
  DSC_0524 DSC_0533 DSC_0545

rubber ducky water race
  DSC_0557f DSC_0570

Yep, life

I tell ya, this girl, she's gonna change the world someday

Sarah had a case of what I call "disneyland line syndrome"  she doesn't know how to wait her turn, so she cries even though she is about to get to do something really fun

Pumpkins!  Not connected to any sort of patch
  DSC_0619 DSC_0636 DSC_0640 DSC_0638 DSC_0643

And my favorite, the corn box.  I think our 3 girls took up the whole thing.
  DSC_0663 DSC_0665 DSC_0654sf

Any my favorite picture of the day, when Sarah fell out of the corn box right as I took a photo.  Hahaha, still makes me laugh

I promise Levi does exist and come to things with us, he was just sleeping in the stroller the whole time, he's really good at that!

Maybe next year California

Monday, October 14, 2013

Levi's Newborn photos

Back in May I entered a contest for a free newborn photo session with Dueck Photography, and somehow I actually won!!  I was so excited knowing that I had a little man coming in September.  Danae, the photographer (who just happens to have my sisters rare name) was so sweet and flexible setting up a time to photograph Levi right after he was born.

I must say I was very impressed, Danae was incredibly professional, sending me information on what I needed to do before Levi was even born.  She sent me to cutest cards and information.

In addition to photographing Levi, Danae offered to take some photos of the family and Levi with the girls! What a blessing for us!

Danae was so sweet and great with Levi!  Her demeanor with him and the girls was just outstanding!  She is a mom herself, so she knew what she was doing, but she was so sweet and patient!  She also gave them cute stickers (not candy) for a treat for doing such a great job. 

Wanna see some?
My favorite one of Levi is on the birth announcement, so i didn't want to post it on this blog because not all of them have been mailed. 

Levi Paul_035_Art
Levi Paul_065 Levi Paul_045 Levi Paul_046_Art Levi Paul_003 Levi Paul_050_Art Levi Paul_043 Levi Paul_072_Art

 I wanted them in age order, but Sarah wouldn't sit by Norah, she insisted on being by Maya
  Levi Paul_007
Levi Paul_019 Levi Paul_030_Art Levi Paul_008_Art

And my favorite
 Levi Paul_004_Art

Didn't Danae do such an awesome job??!!

Danae is offering 10% off to any of my readers, just mention my blog to her!! She works with her husband and doesn't just do newborns either, they do everything, family, weddings, seniors, kids, check out their website or blog.  So if you live in Southern Colorado and need a Christmas card, or have a baby coming, or just want some great photos check them out!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Levi {1 month}

We're at it again, the monthly progressions, this time it is Levi's turn and he is 1 month old!!

My little buddy.

We all call you brother, or broder
I actually think you will hear that way more in your lifetime than your actual name

You love to cuddle and be held, way more than any of my girls.  I love your cuddles, I just wish I had about 6 more arms so we could do it more, because the problem is you've got 3 older sisters so my hands can get full, just kind of.

You weight a whole 8.6 lbs now
You went from being in the 2% to the 6% percent for baby boys.......probably guessing you won't be a football player......things could change though

You are just now filling out in newborn clothes and diapers.  You are still tiny, but getting some cheeks.
I find it hard to believe you will ever fit in any of the other clothes hanging up in your closet

You hated your swing up until this week..... I don't know what the deal was, but I just prayed that you would like your swing because being the 4th child and all you have to be kinda flexible, sorry buddy, you can't really be picky.   So you went from crying every time I put you in it, to falling asleep peacefully.

You like to hold your poop, for like days and days and days, like 11 days!! and then go poop crazy!

You still remind me the most of Maya, just with the way you look and how you are as a baby and your tininess. I have a feeling you 2 are really going to get along.IMG_4978

Although you are a little more unpredictable than your sisters.  You do the eat, awake, sleep pattern,  just like them, but your fussy times seems to be random , some mornings, some evenings, some days you aren't fussy at all.  You are more fussy with daddy than with me though........I guess you must love me more :O)

I never knew having a little boy could feel so different, even at one month old, but it does.  I love your affection and that you are already smiling with your eyes wide open looking at me.  I love the happy sigh you give every once in a while.  I love that you toot out loud while you are eating, just like your dad.  I love that your hair is still dark and not showing signs getting lighter.
 I just love you Levi.  Happy 1 month

anyone want to redesign my blog header? I should probably include Levi in it!