Wednesday, December 26, 2007

White Christmas

We had a white Christmas this year! I think it was my first real one, and it was beautiful, we had about 6 inches of snow that fell all day long!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with Dan, Jacob and Noelle (almost sister-in-law).

Starting with the events of Christmas Eve: we went to Church and it was a great service, they included scenes from Wonderland, the Christmas production and it was amazing! We had dinner at the Nygrens, Noelle's family. We had lasagna, apple cider and a warm fireplace. There was a new puppy there awaiting to be a Christmas surprise for a little girl. I pretty much fell in love with the puppy, it was a Bichon, a little white fluff that loved people. It was the friendliest, cutest dog I have ever met. I don't like dogs, so for me to like one is a big deal. I wanted to take her home.....

I woke up to snow on Christmas morning and made home-made baked french toast for everyone. Brett and I exchanged gifts, he even got one from the baby that said, "I love daddy." After that we went to Starbucks, I mean who wouldn't want Starbucks on a snowy Christmas morning, it was perfect. I sipped on my Chai and made home-made bread. It turned out quit delightful, and I was impressed by how well I was able to get the yeast to rise in such high altitude. The best part was eating a piece of the fresh home-made bread right out of the oven.

We spent some time out in the snow, playing with the dogs and taking pictures, I mean we had to for just a minute, it was Christmas! Brett made a fire and we cozied up in the living room and watch the movie "the Holiday." It was actually one of my Christmas presents. I love that movie, it is just so cute.

Dan made a ham for the Christmas meal and I made all of the sides; corn, twice baked potatoes, home-made bread, stuffing, green beans, and of course, dessert-an ice cream pie! It was fun cooking for everyone. I couldn't help but think of Fran at times, especially in the kitchen, cooking wasn't her favorite thing, but she was always helping and baking in the kitchen for Christmas anyway. She would have enjoyed Christmas this year......

We had a neighbor over for the Christmas meal, he is 77 and all alone, no family or anything. I couldn't help but feel sad for him, he lost his wife in 1999, he had one child that died right after birth, the rest of his family doesn't talk to him, and his dog died this summer....... my goodness can I start crying now. He said that last Christmas he was all by himself and he was really lonely, who wouldn't be. I am glad he was able to join us, he had some fun stories and seemed to really enjoy himself.

It was a good Christmas, can't wait for all the family to get here for Jacob and Noelle's wedding!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

21 weeks: "mama pink"

I am 21 weeks now, which means I am more than half way there! I am feeling much better now that I am over morning sickness, the gastroentenitis virus, a cold, and a cold sore(so lovely, actually hideous). I am really enjoying being pregnant. All foods are basically good and I am hungry all the time. I love that life is growing in me! I feel the baby move much more now, and it makes me smile. Seeing the baby move in the ultrasound was so exciting, even Brett was amazed! He calls me "mama pink" now, since we are having girl.

One frustration is clothes! Argg!!! Clothes shopping is very difficult, I don't want to buy a lot of regular clothes that may fit now, because they won't soon, and maternity clothes..... yeah they aren't working out. I have tried on a few pairs of maternity pants, hideous, underwear certainly isn't cute anymore, and the shirts are un- proportional! Ok so the shirts and even some dresses look cute on the rack, but the arms are made for obese women! I understand that women gain weight everywhere during pregnancy, but that doesn't mean they get obese arms!! Even Brett thought the shirt arms looked weird, which means they really are. I can't button my regular pants all the way and I am using a belly band to help hold my pants up for now, it looks a bit awkward if I don't have a long shirt on though. I will survive, I know, I will just wear the same 3 things over and over.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's a .......

I know you can all tell from this ultrasound picture, but the 2 lines means it's a GIRL! I am so excited! I was gleaming when they told us, and I just got a warm happy feeling inside. I had a slight intuition that it was a girl, but everyone around me insisted boy. My friend Carrie had a dream about the gender of the baby but she didn't want to tell me until I found out myself, her dream revealed it was a girl, so she was very excited today! Not totally decided on a name yet.....

I can't wait to decorate the pink and brown room!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

girl or boy?

We find out tomorrow what we are having! I have had more people tell me they think it's a boy.... because somehow they know :O)