Wednesday, May 30, 2012

on Norah being 3


It is strange to enter this time frame, of us having Norah almost longer than my sister did.  Carrisa only had her for 18 short months. And now Norah is 3.  It seems sooo long ago to think back to the time when Norah was my niece, it seems like another planet.  She is so well integrated into our family now, it is like we have always had her.  Yet we haven't, and I often find myself thinking back to Norah's baby days, especially since we have Sarah now.  I am always wondering what Norah was like, when her little personality developed, what foods she despised, when she said "mama", when she crawled and every other tiny thing that you love  and remember about babies. 

I love anticipating what Sarah will be like, what she will look like when she is older, who she will become and I feel so sad that Carrisa really never got to fully see that with Norah, she just got such a small glimpse. I really wish I could have been in Carrisa's world a little more, seen her in action as a mama, watched her love, truly love.

I miss her. Everyday.

Norah is such a goof ball.  The comedian.  A great middle sister.  It was like the Lord knew she was suppose to be a middle child even though she was a first born.


Norah is not always easy and will probably give me grey hair, but I am so thankful for her, she has taught me so much.  She has taught me what love really means, when it doesn't always feel easy, when it isn't always easy.  Love is patient, love it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always preservers

I feel very fortunate to have known Norah her whole life, have photos of her as a baby, I know so many mothers who have adopted and have none of that. However, I will always mourn that Carrisa is not Norahs mother now and I will also mourn that I never truly knew Norah as a baby.  Sometimes things just aren't fair, but that is just the way they are. DSC_0117

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sarah {8 months}

I was just telling Brett that Sarah is pretty much 1 years old now that she is 8 months old.  He politely told me to stop freaking out, because she really is only 8 months old.  Ahhh just trying to soak in the babiness

Sarah, I missed one whole week of your live this past month, and for a baby that is a whole lot!

You love playing peak-a-boo with your clothes in the morning, it makes you giggle every time!

 You bang on your tray when you want more food (so polite)
You love puffs and could probably eat like a million of them

You have really been saying, "mama mama"

You are very silly, always making me laugh

You are not crawling yet (thank goodness) but you some how move about.  I will set you in one spot and moments later you are in a completely different spot.

You eat a lot and have even gotten a hold of a chocolate chip cookie......whoops (you little swiper)

You love dada and always smile when you see him

You are actually very special to many people 
LOVE this photo

When I hold you on your feet all you want to do is jump and jump
You love the pool, just like your sisters
You talk and chatter all the time. 

Your favorite thing to do is just sit on the floor with toys.

 You are still taking 3 naps a day and eating 4 times a day.  You sleep very well (about 12 hours) and are still very predictable.


You are, as I always say, "such a delight"!  If I knew all babies were going to be like you I would have 3 more.

I had so much fun taking your 8 month photos because you just loved the basket and wanted to keep playing there





Look at how you have grown! Sarah's month progression1

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My favorite day in the DR

Ahh my favorite day in the DR.  We went to a small town right near the boarder of Haiti, this Compassion  project had actually never been visited before.  This was just the small welcome, before the large cheering and applause out back.
look at the little cutie holding the letter "C"

Of course we had a performance

But this was my favorite day because we just got to play play play with the kids! And it was really H.O.T, but I loved every minute!


each one of these children is so special!

what we would look like with 12 kids, what do you think? fitting?


prepare to be swarmed if you have stickers!



There was one little girl who seemed to attach to me and just followed me around all day. I loved it! I asked her her name about 15 times, but I could never understand what she was saying. She kept having me take photos of her and every time I turned around there she was. 

We couldn't really talk to each other, you know the whole language barrier thing, that is probably why I kept asking her her name over and over, it is like one of the only Spanish phrases I know.

Como te llamas?

my husband is a pretty funny guy

We were even taught a little dance.  "Christo es mi Superhero." I think it will be in my head forever!DSC_0959

 I am pretty sure my white girl dance moves were totally awesome. DSC_0939

Gosh, really the most heart quenching part of the day was when we went to visit one of the little boys homes. I thought the house we saw the day before was bad.... this was..... I don't even have real words. I just know that I will forever have his mothers face etched into my head. DSC_0900

Her husband had died in a motorcycle accident. She has 6 children, 2 of them are sponsored through Compassion.
This was their home DSC_0902

The kitchen. She said they do not eat everyday. DSC_0904

 Just guessing that they aren't so worried about granite counter tops DSC_0905

the bedroom.
The had just 2 mattress for the 7 of them, one had just been ruined by the rain, well,because it rains there a lot and there home doesn't offer all that much protection. (Insert photo of scaring dangling electrical wires that I saw strung throughout the house) DSC_0911

The mom said that she was most thankful for the medical care she received for her children that Compassion provides. I just don't think I will ever forget this family. And I hope I don't so I can remember to pray for them.

still smiling despite her circumstance

We went back to the project to say our goodbyes and to thank all of those who really do the work for the children.

If I could have prepared differently in just one way for this trip, I would have brought more for the volunteers and Compassion workers. They are often very poor themselves and do so much for the children

 My photo of the day

Right before we departed all the children ran to us and embraced us. Wished I had a photo of that moment, but actually experiencing it was much better