Monday, May 11, 2009

playdate and Mothers day

We had a fun weekend!
On Friday Celine and Lane came over for a play date. It was great, Maya stole Lane's sippy cup, we went to the park, Maya wanted whatever toy Lane had, and Maya got to open another birthday present! She was so excited as she was opening her gift, at each tear her "O's" got louder and more exciting ooohh, OHH, OHHH!! EEEEE. It was hilarious! It was also just really nice talking to another mom with a baby my age. Celine is so sweet and easy to talk to, I truly love her company. Happy first Mother's Day Celine!
Maya & Lane playing with her new bubble toy

Saturday I enjoy a beautiful wedding at the Pinery in Black Forest. Everything about it was amazing and beautiful, especially the bride, my friend LaNee! We enjoyed a simple yet insightful ceremony, great appetizers, wine and a wonderful meal, all in an amazing setting with lots of Pink (my favorite)! I love LaNee, and will miss her since she is now moving to Florida. Her joy and laughter are contagious and I know that her life will be full of so many blessings as she is a blessing to so many.

Sunday was my 2nd Mother's and it was a relaxing, nice day. I got to enjoy my yellow tulips and Brett made smoothies and bagels for breakfast! Maya made me a card with her hand print (my favorite gift). The afternnoon was spent eating at Noodles, relaxing, Brett doing all the house work, and watching Fireproof. It was actually a good movie with a good message (despite some of the corny acting). I loved my day without a list of things to do. The only sad part.....Margie and Luke didn't win the amazing race....

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Adventures

(grandpa & Maya)
We loved having my parents come visit from California. They came for Maya's birthday and my brother, Jordan's graduation from Focus on the Family Institue. They were here for a week and it was so much fun! We had many adventures together besides Maya's birthday. We got to go to the park, go swimming, visit Focus on the Family and just spend lots of family time together.

Maya found this dog in one of the classes at Focus on the Family and she loved it!

It was fun having my parents see Maya at this stage, walking, saying all kinds of crazy things, and showing her fun personality. They loved her and she definitely made the trip for them extra special.

It was sad saying goodbye to them and also to my brother Jordan who had lived here for 3 months. We loved having him close by even though it was for such a short amount of time.
Family Time at the Park


Focus on the Family

A little boy who followed Maya everywhere ( i have no idea who he is)