Friday, August 31, 2007

first visit

Yesterday I had my first pre-natal Dr. Appt. It was a lot of blood work (about 8 viles worth), a urine sample, and a lot of questions. They estimated that I am about 9 weeks and my expected due date is April 3rd. I also have a low risk pregnancy, which is great. My mom went through 6 healthy full term pregnancies and I hope mine are as good as hers (although I don't want 6).

I also told my boss the news yesterday. I was slightly nervous, and I kept getting interrupted every time I would try to tell him, ughh it just made me more nervous. When I finally did get the chance to tell him he was so excited and congratulatory. He is so nice, I am glad I work for such a great person.

That's all for now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

L.C. I feel your pain

Now that I have this new condition happening in my body, that is being pregnant, I have come to notice some bodily changes that are hindering my lifestyle. My first one is the worst! My hair is so oily! Some people may not find this hard to manage but you have to understand that ever since I roomed with SC in the tranquility apartment I got in the habit of washing my hair every 3 days! (it's not gross, it's actually good for your hair, plus SC can go like 5 or 6 without washing) It was great! Do you know how much time that saves me, not to mention the extra hours of sleep I get by not having to blow dry and straighten my hair everyday. Well, now I can only go 1.5 days before I feel like my hair is a wet ball of grease and I could practically use the all the oil to cook some french fries in. LC, I feel your pain, always being the friend who has to wash your hair daily, and if you don't people think you got your hair wet during the middle of the day. Life is harder without the luxury of dry hair.

Next is gas. Yes without a question I have it daily for long periods of time. It's not just a little pshhhh it's lots of those or ripples, and they don't usually smell good. I can't control it, I just pray that I don't have it bad while seeing patients. I usually have to let a bunch out in between patients so I don't explode. There is a reason for this though. I heard that while you are pregnant food sits in your intestines longer to give the baby more nutrients, but it is actually rotting while it is sitting there forever, yum!

Next, is the booby fairy. The booby fairy has started to come visit, which actually isn't bad for me being that I have been an "A" cup my whole life. It's the one chance I have to fill out my shirts. However, the booby fairy makes my boobs hurt like a mother! Going down the stairs hurts or even my husband just looking at them hurts. Ouch, just writing about them makes them hurt.

I can't complain to much, I have yet to be stricken with morning sickness or nausea. I still have many months before everything grows out and I am stricken with stretch marks. I am really excited about this time in my life, and I hope and pray that I feel good through the duration of the pregnancy.

I will keep you all updated, I go to the Doctor on Thursday.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Kyri smelling the flowers

My BFF came to visit from California this weekend with her precious daughter Kyri. It was so much fun to have them here and show them where we live. I loved having a 1.5 year old around, every moment was exciting. She loved climbing on everything and going outside! She also loved Nemo, and would sigh and repeat his name wanting to watch it over an over. A few of my favorite phrases from Kyri:

-"Oh man...."

-"mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy", and she would always say it like 8 times in a row, never just once.

-"Ohhh daddy" with a sigh

-"Bock" which means "milk"

-"yeah!! (giggle giggle)" with enthusiasm after mom asked her if she pooped

It was great just having BFF to talk with after Kyri went to bed. We got to watch a few movies together, go to target (which is actually really fun), cook, eat junior mints, go to sonic for slushes, and just be friends. There is no one like a BFF. We still have so many things in common despite not living in the same state for 5 years. We both love to cook, we wear similar things, we love "So You Think You Can Dance (yeah Sabra), we like the same songs, and I really hope that I can be a great mom like she is. Time changes, yet so much remains the same.

Sonic Slushes!

Cooking time!

She is SOOO Cute!

Alice and Wonderland park

Here's to memories with BFF

-Cinnamon popcorn
-Beast Slurpees from AM/PM
-Dance parties
-Lip Sync contests
-Five Iron Frenzy
-Cornerstone and burnt hot dogs that look like poop
-Spirit west coast
-Tots from sonic
-Shirts that we sewed to small and had to have your mom unstitch off our bodies
-Wearing our bras outside of our clothes and dancing
-Choir tour
-Joyful Joyful
-Butt Crack Heads
-Mr. Bailey's senior English class
-Junior mints
-Kevin and Brett
-JJ's green shirt
-Chevy's Nachos
-Ska Queens
-Black & White checkers

Love you BFF!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pastor B.B.

I go to N.L Church and well, pretty much everyone is aware our church as been looking for a new senior pastor since the whole fiasco last November. Alas we have some hope and the pastoral selection comity has found someone who they believe will be a great senior pastor for our church. Pastor Brady.

Pastor Brady spoke at church for the first time today, he will preach the next two Sundays and then we as a church will vote him in (2/3 vote is needed). The vote thing is slightly silly, this isn't survivor, or American idol, or a popularity contest. I do understand that people want their say and to be a part of the whole process (prayer is good for that too), and it is written in the by-laws of our church for the congregation to vote, but at the same time I trust the choice the elders, the pastoral selection comity, and the over-seers have made. In my book he already has my vote, before he even spoke a word.

He did speak his first word today, can you imagine how nervous you would be, speaking in front of 14,000 people you have never met, all of which have some kind of expectation, mostly a high one.

He did a great job, his sermon was both insightful about his character and at the same time it was also a message out of the bible that we all needed to hear.

He had us all ears, engaged, laughing, and hopeful for a new future, a new start. This is a fresh new start and hope for our church and the kingdom. I hope that everyone remembers that it is not about a man, but Jesus. That is what we have all been saying the past 9 months.

We also went to the Q&A at church tonight, were the congregation was able to ask him questions, just to get to know him more. It was a great time, it was great to see that he is a real person just like all of us. Of course there is media everywhere, and one of the news women asked pastor Brady, " Do you sin?" haha..... I am sure they are trying to dig up dirt, but it was just funny to hear someone ask that. His response, "Of course I sin, I am human." (This did not happen during the Q&A he just told us of his experience from earlier that day.)

I am excited for this new time, and so glad that our church has stuck together through all of the hardship. Brady, I am glad that you God brought you to our church I think you will fit in wonderfully.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

my first video

Alright everyone, I made my first video on my mac book. It was frustrating at times, and yes it is corny, but it's my first!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Where are you girl friend?

I cried on Sunday night, a good hard cry. My feelings were hurt, which made me start to cry, but what made it worse was that I felt like there was no one I could talk to about what had happened. Brett was out of town, I tried to call him, no luck. I had just talked to my mom, which was the reason I was crying (don't worry she is a great mom), so couldn't call her about it. And well, reality is that I haven't called BFF in forever about any sad issues, I just call her to see how life is.

I really just wanted a friend here in Colorado, someone's shoulder to cry on. If any of my friends from Colorado read this they would probably say, "oh Jenni you could have come to me." But I feel like a burden, like I would impose on someone elses time, like most people don't really have time for a new friend, so instead I just cried.

Being married makes having single friendships hard, especially if you don't already have them. Sure we hang out with other married couples, they are friends, but I don't really ever get to hang out with just girls, or a girl for that matter. We have girls night, which if fun, but I just want that friend that I can stop by her house, see how she is, talk if I'm having a bad, or just watch a girl movie.

Brett was gone to Missouri this weekend, which just magnified the whole reality of me not really having a close friend. I pretty much spent the entire weekend by myself (minus going to see the Borne Ulitimatum with 2 couples). I just wanted a moment to have a girl friend over and just be girls, have a dance party, watch a movie, I really didn't care I just wanted a girl there! If I still lived in Omaha SC or LC would have been over in a heart beat, I want a friend here like that.

It is partly my own fault, I could have asked around earlier to see if someone could hang out, but I want a friend that can be last minute, not planned out 2 weeks in advance. I did have someone say, "Oh I was going to ask you to go for a walk while my husband was at work, but I have other plans now." Why is it that she could only hang out while her husband was at work? I mean I do understand that, she probably doesn't get to see him much and quality time with her husband is very important, but I want a friend that can hang out with me sometimes even if her husband is at home.

I did really purse a friendship this past April, I was very hopeful, we had a lot in common, we clicked easily, and she seemed to really want a friendship like I did. Well...she just stopped calling. I called her several times, and she never returned my calls. Just thinking about it makes me sad.... I don't know what I did, but I guess she didn't want to be my friend.

My husband is my best friend, he is great to listen to me even when I ramble on about stupid stuff or cry for no reason.

I just wonder, where are you girlfriend?

Friday, August 3, 2007

First tooth story

I find it fitting since my name is tooth girl I must give one of my tooth stories every once in a while. Well this one is more like, worst mouth I have ever seen story.
Ok, so I subbed at another dental office for a few hours this week (Dr.R), it was pretty much the worst 6 hours of my life. After rushing from the dental office I work at, literally rushing, I was changing my pants in the car while driving a stick shift and eating my lunch, I hardly made it to Dr. R's office in time. Of course my first patient was a half hour late so the whole rush thing didn't really need to happen.
Anyway, first patient.... yeahh half our late, he had major bone cancer so we weren't going to send him home for being late. I felt bad too.... he just had this hopeless look, a look that made want to hug him and say "it will be ok", the look of cancer a look that is all to familiar f)or me. Well then he opened his mouth.... so sad. He pretty much had any and everything that could ever happen in your mouth all happening at the same time. To name a few things:
-Rampant decay (every tooth that was left in his mouth was badly decayed)
-Halitosis (bad breath)
-Ulcers every where, too many to count
-Xerostomia (Dry mouth) so bad that my mirror stuck to the side of his check and ripped off part of his oral mucosa because there was NO saliva)
-Bleeding gums
-Periodontal disease: aka gum disease (this is how your teeth fall out)
-Heavy plaque and food debris

You know how it feels to have just one canker sore, well just imagine them everywhere.... not fun. Also imagine trying to swallow with no saliva, or chew food with no saliva, also not fun. Dental lesson for today: Saliva is a necessary component of the oral cavity, it not only aides in the digestive process but it helps keep your teeth clean and prevent decay.

I literally didn't know what to do.... It looked like it hurt so bad.... I didn't know how he could eat. He said that spicey food really irritated his mouth, yah think??
So I got out a tooth brush and just started to brush, to get off the big stuff, it was bleeding everywhere and I am sure it hurt but he just bit the bullet and endured the pain. Treatment recommendations for this patient: none. The only thing to do is extract teeth as they hurt otherwise leave them alone.
I felt helpless, like there wasn't anything I could really do. With everything else going on in his body teeth became unimportant, yet the way they look probably made him feel worse about himself. People teeth are important, you don't realize it until you don't have them.