Sunday, June 7, 2009

Memorial weekend in Houston

We traveled to Houston, Tx for memorial weekend to see Brett's brother Tim and his family, Cynthia, Garrek and Coby. What a great trip it was! It was so lush there, I wasn't quite picturing that, but I guess that is expected with all the humidity they have.

Their home was beautiful, decorated so well, spacious and so inviting! Maya was in heaven from the moment we got there, with the dog, the big back yard, and all the bubbles (her favorite word). It was so fun for her to play with her cousins! As soon as Coby got home from school he and Maya imbraced, so cute!

Maya so excited to see Coby!

Tim sporting Chief the dog in the Chiefs bag

We spent time at the pool, the beach, and in the yard with water toys. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend, it was relaxing and fun all at the same time. Brett got to enjoy a Houston soccer game with Tim and a friend who recently moved to Houston. Cynthia treated me to dinner at a delicious mexican restuarant with a fun outside atmostphere (so tasty too).

This is one of my favorites of Coby flying in the air

playing in the pool (maya drinking the water)

Maya love the slip in slide with the water spraying

I loved getting to spend time with Cynthia, just learning more about her and seeing her life. She is a great wife and mother. I love having a sister-in-law like her!

Tim and Cynthia were so generous with there time and money. We did not pay for a single thing while we were there, we were fully taken care and it was such a blessing. We are so thankful to have family like them. Much of our conversation was joking about us moving to Texas... and although we would totally love to be closer to them we know we are supposed to be in Colorado right now.

Photos at the Beach

It has been especially important for us to keep our ties close with Brett's family since his mother died. We really don't want to lose everything Fran was holding together and Tim has done such a great job of being a good brother to Brett. Tim has made it apparent in words and actions that he cares and wants Brett to forever be a part of his life.


We love the Gratzers and can't wait to see them again! We might have to make a tradition out of visiting them on memorial weekend.

Aunt Cynthia

Uncle Tim

An Indian on the way home