Tuesday, April 11, 2017

it's been forever

I know it has basically been forever, seriously forever since I have blogged, but well, life changes, seasons change

10 random thoughts that I felt like needing blogging

1)  Simplify.  I wish I would have understood that concept 5 years ago, or maybe 10 or 20.   It is so freeing to have less, especially when I grew up in a generation where more is more. But really, less is more.

2)   Gardening: something I would have never dreamed of enjoying.  It's work, but it's beautiful.  Seeing something come from nothing.  From a pile of dirt to something beautiful. tangible, edible. #heart 

3)  "13 Reasons Why," a netflix original.  watch it.  P.S. my kids are never going to high school. we are leaving America.

4) Sarah got her first love letter.  She's in preschool.  She was called "the most beautifulest"  I can't stop thinking how that is what she deserves from her husband, I think I will tell her that ever night, forever.

5)I hate wasting food.  I mean hate.  Which is strong stance to have, I know.  Tonights dinner: spaghetti squash, hot dogs, yellow peppers,  enchilada, and salad extravaganza, all in the name of not wasting. 

6) Did you know that hormones can change the color of your toilet seat? true fact. and no i'm not pregnant, but someone who has been to our house probably was. Seriously google blue toilet seat. 

7) Ok, stop googling the blue toilet seat, because it is seriously ridiculous and doesn't make sense, but is totally true, we had to buy new toilet seats.

8) Make the wind stop in Colorado, just make it stop

9) Brett is basically the same person as Chip Gaines, minus the farm life.

10) I bribed my kids to take photos in the wild flowers, and this is what sarah thought of it
it was all the bugs......

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  1. I just had to smile and chuckle when I read your first 5 items. Is this really Jenni? And I love the picture, believe me, we all had to bribe our children to do something or go somewhere. And I never regretted it. Hahaha. Nice to read your blog tonight. Your children are so grown. Precious time. Thank you. God bless you.


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