Thursday, December 6, 2007

It's a .......

I know you can all tell from this ultrasound picture, but the 2 lines means it's a GIRL! I am so excited! I was gleaming when they told us, and I just got a warm happy feeling inside. I had a slight intuition that it was a girl, but everyone around me insisted boy. My friend Carrie had a dream about the gender of the baby but she didn't want to tell me until I found out myself, her dream revealed it was a girl, so she was very excited today! Not totally decided on a name yet.....

I can't wait to decorate the pink and brown room!


  1. i'm so excited to be an aunt to another girl! girl power! i just saw sandy & cevdet's baby girl, oh man cute! can't wait to see your beautiful baby!

  2. that picture looks very similar to the one we have of kyri :) it's a girl alright! girls are so much fun and i know you just can't wait to buy more cute girly clothes :) we are so happy for you both!


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