Friday, June 6, 2008


So here is what has gone on the past month of my life, besides having a newborn baby to take care of.DURANGO, COLORADOBrett and I went to Durango for a soccer tourney, Brett was a ref for it.  What a beautiful drive to get there, mountains, valleys, ruvers, waterfalls and even some rams (random).  Durango is a very cute little city with lots of personality, famous for its polar express train ride in the winter.    The best part about the trip though, it that our condo, yes a condo on a ski resort, facing a golf course, was paid for.  Not to mention Brett got paid for all of the games he reffed and was given tons of free food.My first mothers day was spent in Durango and I enjoyed a pedicure while holding precious Maya (she did so good).  Oh and I can't forget to mention the awesome "hole in the wall" Mexican restuarant we went to, it was so tasty!  Best Mexican I have had since living in Colorado.  CALIFORNIAyes, I went to California with a 4 week old.  It was an unexpected, last minute trip.   While in Durango I was informed that my grandmother had terminal cancer and wasn't expected to live long..... :O(  So I decided that Maya and I should go see her, being that she might not ever get to meet Maya if I did not go soon.  Plus,  I didn't have to take off work because I was on Maternity leave.  It was a good trip, 100 degrees the whole time, but I loved the warmth.  I was able to stay will my BFF for a day, which was great because we got to share mom-hood together.  After a day with BFF my mom picked me up and we headed to my grandma's.  My grandma didn't know we were coming so it was a really fun surprise.  She was really surprised and excited, she said, "It feels my heart with joy to see you two."  It was difficult seeing my grandma though, she wasn't quite her usual self and I could tell she did not feel well.  It was really special to have her hold Maya and see the fourth generation of our family, it was a moment I will never forget. I also got to spend more time with my mom, and my oldest sister Candice.  It was really good seeing Candice and spending time with her.  She was so cute with Maya, such a great aunt!  We even got to spend a day by the pool, Maya didn't like the water very much though.The traveling went well with Maya, until right before we landed back in Colorado Springs.  That is when Maya decided to have a giant poop attack, that went everywhere!  There is not a lot you can do with poop everywhere while a plane is landing.   I just wrapped her up in a blanket, put her in my sling and then spent 30 minutes in the terminal bathroom cleaning her up, and smearing more poop on her head as I peeled off her onesie.  It was fun, but not really.BFF, Kyri, Me and Maya4 generationsCandice teaching Maya how to lay outCARRISACarrisa, is one of my other sisters.  She came out to visit us in Colorado just shortly after my trip back from California.  It was so fun having her.  She was really a huge help with Maya, she just took charge and handled her so well.  She even made us dinner a few nights.  Her diet is pretty strict though, no gluten, sugar, or caffeine, which eliminate almost everything!  I am amazed at her though, she is sticking to it really well and has already lost 20 pounds!  When I was younger I called Carrisa "the mean sister,"  but she has really grown into an amazing women and I am so proud of her.  She also watched Maya my first week back at work, which brings me to my next topicWORKYes, I did start going back to work, 4 days a week about 30 hours.  Honestly it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would, I think God plays a big role in that.  I love my job, so that really helps because I enjoy being there, although I do miss Maya a lot.  One of my good friends is taking care of her right now so I feel really comfortable that she is taken care of while I'm gone.  Maya is waking up about once a night for a feeding, so I have not had a full night off sleep in 2 months (probably longer being that I didn't sleep well while I was pregnant)!  Sleep is a big thing for me, but somehow I am managing on not very much of it (thanks Jesus).MAYAMaya is wonderful!  I love being a mom.  I could just stare at her all day, she is so cute!  She is starting to smile more now, and every morning when I drop her off she is smiles so big, I love it!  Her favorite things are pooping and farting, she does them all the time.  Let's see, she also loves car rides and longs walks on the street in her stroller.  She is still little and wearing newborn clothes so I haven't been able to dress her up as much I would like to.   I am pretty certain her eyes will be blue as they seem to get more blue everyday.  COMPUTERWhen I started typing this blog, last week, the computer froze and we couldn't get it to start back up.  Come to find out the hard drive crashed on my Apple, yikes!  We had to take it to the Apple store and get a new one, thankfully for free, but we lost everything!  Don't freak out to much, Brett is good about backing stuff up, so we only lost a few pictures, but we did lose all of our Quicken information (how we keep track of our money).  This would have been posted earlier had that not have happened.FLORIDAWe leave for Florida on Tuesday, so excited!


  1. so good to hear you guys are doing well! i was getting worried there not seeing a post for so long...i miss you! i love the pictures, especially seeing little miss maya and that she is already changing! i think her cheeks are chubbier :) i wish i could be there to help take care of maya while you are at work. you know i would in a second! love you bunches! give that baby kisses for me!

  2. Jenni, it is so good to get an update. You've been so busy, wow!-not like some parents who just stay in for the first few months. I'll be looking forward to your next update. I'm glad things are going well with your transition back to work, too. What a blessing that you have a friend to watch Maya. She's so so cute!

  3. maya is so cute. thanks for updating. i love hearing about your life!


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