Saturday, September 13, 2008


My Grandma "Granny" went to be with the Lord last Saturday......... It was peaceful, at home, with my mom by her side. She lived a good life and I am so thankful she was my grandma. I will never forget her fun house with the small closet under the stairs filled with toys and secret tiny closet upstairs. I loved her collection of miniature windups and bobble heads, and the flying squirrel "bonkers" that we used to feed banana chips to at night. Going to her house was such a treat growing up, there were always new discoveries in the back yard that was on a hillside. Granny always made Christmas fun with her random thrift store collections she would give us. I am so glad we will get to keep her house in the family (My parents are going to buy it) and I am so glad Maya will get to enjoy it!

I am sad that Maya will never know Granny, but so thankful that she got to meet her. It is weird that I did not go to her service, which was today, but my mom insisted that I didn't need to come. It was more important for me and Maya to see her alive. I wanted to be there though, just to remember the memories with everyone. I will miss her. I am sad........

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  1. i'm so sorry for your loss, jenni...but i am so thankful that your granny was able to meet maya before she went to be with the Lord. to know that she is with her creator must bring peace. love you.


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