Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and they meet

This weekend my good friend from Omaha, Sarah and her adorable daughter Londyn came to visit us. Londyn is just 2 weeks older than Maya and this was their first meeting!

Ok, they were too cute! When picked up from the airport Maya and Londyn were reaching across the car seats trying to hold hands. They both have blond hair, blue eyes, and are about the same size. They were already best friends before they met.

We loved spending time with them, enjoying chick-fil-a (twice), a girls night out to the movie, brownies, a walk, giggles, and just time catching up.

I really wish Sarah and I lived closer. I love sharing this part of life with her.

miss you girls already!


  1. oh! We miss you guys too!! I'm so glad our girlies finally got to meet. I hope they can run around together this summer... Love you so much!!

    "Dad." "Bob."

  2. i love it! They are best friends! soon they will be flying in between cities visiting each other over the summer.


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