Sunday, July 12, 2009

summer craziness

On the Road

So we were gone pretty much the whole month of June, that is why my blog has been so silent, but now we are finally home for the summer, yay!
June was filled with lots of fun, including our trip to California.

We first visited my Grandma Cox in a small town called New Cuyama. The population is only like 500 and there is only one small market and one restaurant, "The Burger Barn." Brett and Maya had never met her so that was really special. We ate Grandma's wonderful home cooking, played Pass the Pigs, got attacked by red fire ants, and visited the house I spent the first 3 years of my life. We had such a wonderful time, but were ready for the beach.

Great Grandma Cox

Next we headed to Pismo beach, one of my favorite childhood beaches. We shopped, played at the beach, drove on the beach, and had yummy food. Our adventure was not over yet though.

Next we headed to Northern California to see my family, but the trip wouldn't be complete without at stop at the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield. I am not sure who like it more, Brett or Maya. We got to enjoy free Jelly Belly's at the sample bar, go on a tour of the factory, and buy jelly bellys to our hearts galor!

We spent the next few days in Placerville with my family, enjoying time together, the Boegar winery and the pool. Can't wait to go back in September.

Aunt Candi


Boegar Winery
And our trip was not done yet. My sister Carrisa just had a baby in May, so we had to go visit them up in Chico. Baby Norah is so cute and so tiny! I think Maya was sad she couldn't play with her yet though. We also enjoyed a family dinner together at a wonderful Mexican restaurant were I got to see my brother Jordan and my other sister Danae. I do miss my family.....

Grandma & baby Norah

Sisters with their daugthers

Sibling, except Candice :O(

Next we head up to Lincoln to visit the Hornaceks. My BFF Sarah is expecting in August, so I was delighted that I got to go to her baby shower also. Maya and Kyri got to play with each other, so cute to watch! Kyri did not like how Maya made a mess of everything though :O)
Maya & Kyri enjoying Jamba Juice

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

I know it's mostly legs, but that was the best we could get

Heading up the end of our trip was Lake Tahoe. Brett and I got to spend an evening there alone while Grandma & Grandpa watched Maya. It was so beautiful there, with our hotel right by the lake. We walked around the beach, and then the shops at Heavenly and ate dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Chevy's, so yummy!

Date Night

Enjoying Chevy's

Maya, Grandma, Grandpa & Cousin Danny meet us in Tahoe

Time to leave sad..... it was really hard to come home

almost there....... 18 hours later

We came home with only 3 full days before our trip to Kansas City (post later to come)

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