Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jamies Baby Shower

I had the privilege of hosting a shower for my good friend Jamie. Nick and Jamie have been great friends to us ever since we moved to Colorado Springs, they took us in, befriended us, have always included us, and have been there whenever we need them. Plus we love watching Amazing Race with them every Sunday night! It was quite a journey for Nick and Jamie to be blessed with a baby, lots of years, lots of prayers and lots of trust that the Lord would provide, and He did, now Jamie is due in just a few weeks and we were able to celebrate her and baby girl White!

I did a garden theme, since the baby's room will be garden-esk, getting different ideas from websites and just using some of my own thoughts.

It was a dessert shower, yummy!

I got this idea with the candy in a jar from another blog (can't remember whose). I purchased the jar from TJmax/Homegoods and filled it with salt water taffy, there was also another jar filled with Ghiradelli chocolate.

I purchased the cupcake holder from Crate & Barrel (love that place) and placed home made butterfly cupcakes inside (super easy to make)

I got a delicious recipe for Pink Baby Shower Punch, from Allrecipes, it was wonderful!

I made the washcloth lollipops, idea from the Macs blog, using washcloths Jamie registered for.
I made all of the bows and clips and put them in a watering can to add to the garden theme.

Instead of playing games we all painted a small flower pot for the babies room, everyone was very creative, they all turned out great!

One of my favorites!

My favorite part of the shower was when we all prayed scriptures over Jamie and the Baby, idea also taken from the Macs Blog

I was to busy hosting the shower to take many photos (most were taken before hand)
I wish I would have gotten more of Jamie...

We are so excited for baby Girl White!! Jamie is going to make such a wonderful mother!


  1. The party looks like it was so much fun...and so beautifully done! Great job Jenni...congrats Jamie!!

  2. Such cute ideas! I love it, and I'm sure she felt very blessed!

  3. Such cute ideas! I love it, and I'm sure she felt very blessed!

  4. Wow! Your baby shower looked beautiful and some really creative ideas.


    Sandra @


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