Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Craziness

The month of August was family craziness month because beside my brother coming to visit, my parents came and Brett's brother, Travis and family came also. Wheee it was a whirlwind, but so much fun!! It was so exciting that is is how Maya was almost the entire time family was visiting

I love having my parents, they are just such a big help and it is so nice to have them enjoy life in Colorado with us.

My step-day Ed also did the marathon up & down Pikes Peak while he was here. Ok, seriously, who can do that??? I think that is one of the biggest accomplishments a marathon runner can have, to run up a 14,000 foot mountain! Maya was even so proud, she said "Grandpa go up Pikes Peak!" She even remember this several weeks later when we pointed to Pikes Peak she repeated that same phrase.

Travis and family arrived a few days after my parents and of course we had to spend sometime at the pool, because the weather was gorgeous!!!

love these girls!!

My parents always offer to let Brett and I go on a date night while they are visiting and this particular visit they got to watch all 3 girls while we went on a date night with Travis and Shanna to our favorite place Amandas Fonda

We like the the outdoor patio atmosphere at Amanda's Fonda more than anything, but a delicious Melon Margarita does help enhance the visit

When we got home from the date, we came home to this....... fun and chaos!!

On Saturday we went to Fox Run Park, probably my favorite park!! Imagine what the most beautiful day at the park is like..........and that was our day; perfect weather, picnic, family, playground, bubbles, it was so fun!

We also had a BBQ at PaPa's house that evening. Yami (PaPa's girlfriend) also joined us for dinner. I am sure the girls agreed that the popsicles were the best part

We all went to Church on Sunday while Grandpa Ed did the Marathon up Pikes Peak. For dinner we went over the Bruce and Lynns (Mayas adopted grandparents) for another BBQ. I think it was one of the nicest nights outside ever!

We had so much fun with all of the family, but farwell came too soon, especially for Travis and Family

We still weren't done enjoying the fun with my parents though, before they left we headed down to Manitou Springs (no we didn't do anything sinful) and went to the arcade, did some window shopping and ate chocolate.

I love spending time with family, miss them so much already....

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  1. Sounds like you are staying busy, Oh and I LOVE seeing Maya in the dress I made, its fun to see other kids in something I made then just kaiya haha.


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