Thursday, June 13, 2013


We try to take or kids on individual dates.  Brett has it scheduled in his calendar for every Tuesday evening to take a different girl on a date.  It doesn't have to be expensive, sometimes it is just the library or the pool or just ice cream, or for me grocery shopping with just one of them.  Really any of those things fill up their little cups so much! 

Recently, Maya & I got to go on a little Denver date.  We went to a beautiful little shopping area called the Streets at Southglenn.  It was very special and hearing the little words from her heart "you're the best mommy ever!"  really just made my day! We went shopping, I gave her a budget and let her pick out what she wanted from H&M..... that was hard for me, especially when she really wanted the big floral bonnet.....  thankfully others things she wanted squeezed that one out of the budget.

Anyway, some pics of our day
Cool girl with ice cream before lunch!
So many pretty flowers!

Maya loved admiring all of the flowers
and fully smelling them
She did the fountains
and was amazed at her water stamp
Then she decided she wanted to smell more flowers
and more flowers
and more flowers
she must really be so deprived living in our brown dirt neighborhood that seeing flowers was a wonderment!
We then when out to lunch, were Maya sang to the top of her lungs "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory Glory!" It was so sweet, she kept getting louder and louder and had no fears about people around her hearing it! I love spending time with each of my girls individually, I get to see so much of who they are!

P.S. We do live just a few miles away from the big "Back Forrest" fire in Colorado, but we are totally fine, still in our home, not evacuated. and so thankful. The wind has blown the fire in the complete opposite direction of our house, which is good for us, but horrible for so many others....
We have so many friends and co-workers who are evacuated and even know several who have lost their homes...... one man in particular who also just lost his wife from cancer and was not able to get anything from his home before it burned down {perspective}
Black Forest Fire 07

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  1. So sweet. I love seeing your special bonding moments. It's SO important.

    Glad you are okay from the fire, but have everyone affected in my prayers. The story of your friend with his wife breaks my heart!


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