Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My unintentional blogging break

Some how the whole summer went by without me blogging...........sorry about that

I am not sure how it happened

It was not at all intentional

Somehow I found my time extra time spent sitting on the porch just a little longer with my kids

Letting them stay up just a little later


Going on a walk
cali8 summer4

Reading a booking

Going to California (twice)
DSC_0291 DSC_0041 cali5 cali6 cali1 DSC_0134

or the reservoir

or Kansas CIty

or Red Rocks to see NEEDTOBREATHE (dream come true)

We spent as much time outside as possible

And enjoyed lots of time at our new pool
IMG_1695 cali4

 And just a second relaxing...

I actually do really enjoy blogging, but I found my time better spent or consumed elsewhere this summer

And rather than feeling guilty, I just let it go and knew that my habit would return again, soon.

And here it is.

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