Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Music to my ears

We have all had it happen, you know that one song, something about it, it moves you, unlike anything else could.

 Stop, think of

It brings out something

something beautiful

 I love when that happens.

I love music!
Really love it, and actually all kinds!

I can remember my dad blasting the Chuck Berry song "No particular place to go"

Still to this day, that songs brings big smile to my face.

I really believe that God created music, the sound of instruments together for our enjoyment,  but also to experience something with Him, to know Him better.   And not just Christian music, seriously so many different styles and genres, there is so much beauty out there in music!

It would not be surprising to hear Jack Johnson & Rend Collective in my house one day, followed by POD, JT, and 50 cent the next, and everything in between.   And of course lots of NEEDTOBREATHE
(country might be my only exception of me not "Loving," but there is still some that I like, Yee Haw!). 

We have music in our house all. the. time. (and a lot of dancing too!)

It is so sweet to hear and see my sweet childrens lips singing and dancing away.

I played the piano for a few short years when I was younger, when my dad was sick and dying..... and I was never very good at it and so much of life got in the way, so it didn't last long.   I so very much wish I would have stuck with it.

For a a year now Maya has been asking to take piano lessons, Piano is hard work, and an expensive initial cost so I didn't just want to jump in unless she really wanted to (or make it something I wanted), so after a year of her asking and asking, we said yes. 

We saved up and bought a piano (nothing fancy, just a small craigs list one).

And we were so fortunate to find a teacher who comes to our home (yes please, I have 4 small kids and one with diabetes, one less outing is just fine with me).  Not to mention Maya was was already familiar with him because he is her music teacher at school :)


 It is so fun to hear to start, even just simple little notes, even the wrong notes, somehow it is all just music to my ears.

I just love the sound of music filling our home, being embedded into the walls.  I love the hard work and practice that is required of learning music.    The piano is the heart of so much great music.

 I'm so excited for all of those little fingers in our house to get a chance to play and learn and maybe even me again someday

What is your song? The one that moves you.

Here is one of my favs

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  1. I keep hoping one of our kids will have musical ability - I want real live music in our house, and I have no musical talent at all!


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