Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Number 1's 2015

It's meant to be, some kind of wrap of for the year, or a new idea for the next.  It's what we all do.  A new start, something fresh, but also remember the things that made part of 2015 what it was...... 2015

So here are some of my best of's in 2015

Best Book : The Hardest Peace, by Kara Tippets.  An autobiography of a woman who was dying with cancer.  Heart wrenching and so life giving all at once.

Favorite Quote: "We need to quit trying to be awesome and instead by wise"   Jen Hatmaker

Biggest and most helpful life style change: starting to simplify, get rid of what we don't need, minimize my closet and all areas of the house.  This has been so refreshing and freeing and I will continue into this year with it!
IMG_0851 IMG_1132

Most played with toy by my kids:  wait for it..... wait for it...... Playdough!!  By far ALL of my kids played with this the most, age appropriate for ALL of them and nothing extravagant.  We did store bought, homemade, and jello playdough!

Favorite new musical artist: Rend Collective (the Campfire album).  Although Rend Collective is not a new artist, they have been around a while, and I have heard their stuff here and their, it wasn't until I heard this album that I really like them.  Maybe part of it is my deep desire to sing around a campfire with a banjo, but there is also a beautiful simplicity to their music.

Best Movie :  Well not quite a movie, but an Amazon documentary "The Sugar Film"  EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS!!!  It is so good, such great eye opening information!  Everyone already knows McDonalds is bad for you, but this man goes on a "low fat" diet and gains a ton of weight and starts getting sick.  Just watch it and see, please watch it! 

Favorite Photo:  Like I could have just one, so I will do favorite one of each of the kids
4thofjuly1 cali1 jeffcity5 cali4 durango1

Favorite Place :  As much as I love love love the beach, which is my favorite place of all time this year going to the American River was my favorite place.  It was a place I loved as a child and really wanted to take my kids there.  I thought it might be disappointing 25 years later, but it wasn't.  I loved that it was beautiful, quite, simply, yet full of so much to do.  Fun for all of my kids, dirty, outside, full of lots of water and so much exploring!

Favorite discovery: this place, only about 10 minutes away from our house

Favorite Moment:  Easy,  Needtobreath at Red Rocks

Most Surprising moment : An unlikely new friendship . Not just for Norah and her friend Lilah (who also has type 1 diabetes)  but for her mother an I.   A set up that I even felt reluctant to go to, turned into a friendship (although long distant) I am so grateful for!


And I always get some of my best ideas, or books or movies from other people.  That is why I share, maybe you will grab one of these, or go watch something,

So tell me some of your best 2015's

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  1. So surprised humbled and happy to see us on you list!
    Some favorite books of mine were "All the light we cannot see"
    "The light between oceans"


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