Friday, September 14, 2007

The tragedy it is...

As many of you who read this blog know, my good friend SC and I have had a long standing connection with our blood type (O positive). Everything that we had in common, everything that connected us had to do with our blood type. I know it sounds silly, but it was more than that. It was the fact that we both had curly hair that we hated, it was the fact that our pasts had so many things in common, it was even the fact that we both hated shopping in nick nack shops, it was what we called our room in the tranquility apartment and it was the explanation for all of the crazy things that happened in our room (i.e. stereo turning on by itself). O-Positive was our bond.

Now we are both pregnant, so much fun, and actually only 6 days apart in our pregnancy. Yeah, another O-positive connection, to be good friends and so close in pregnancy is pretty rare. However, many blood test are done during pregnancy and blood typing is one of those tests. You can see where this is going....... we are not both O-positive..... After SC had spent a horrible night in the E.R (never good for a pregnant woman whose husband passes out twice), she was told by a nurse that she was O-negative! I find it funny that SC had such a horrible night but she really didn't break down until she was told she was O-negative and then explained to the nurse the whole story (I am sure the nurse thought she was crazy). What a tragic night. The funny thing is the SC's birth records say she is O-positive.

I told SC the news today, that my blood type came back as O-positive, we are no longer connected by our blood types :O(

Everyone has that connection with a close friend, that inside thing, O-positive was ours and now it is gone. It is semi-funny because it was such and inside kinda of joke, but it is sad, we can't relate everything back to that anymore.

(i know we are backwards)


  1. I started tearing up when i read that :) we can still pretend, right? it is funny that the first time i "lost it" in the ER was when the nurse said "you are O-". i love being pregnant at the same time of you. i was trying to explain to my boss today how great it is that we wanted to get pregnant at the same time and how it actually worked- he wasn't as amused as i thought he should be! i love you! i'm excited to hear about your apt monday!!

  2. ok i think this story is so funny. living in the apartment with the o-positive room down the hall... i mean this story to me is just icing on the cake of the whole o-positive ordeal. crack up. you two still have a bond. no worries, nothing can take that away... and yet here i am husbandless, childless, and still don't know my blood type. i hoping someday when i'm pregnant someone will inform me what i am :) love you!

  3. hey old roomies! we just need SD to get on here and post and we'd all be present. i'm sorry about the bad news. (it IS funny, though. :) well you could still do the 'O' part, right??

  4. ...I'm O+, don't you care about that? ...sad....


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