Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here we go

So, it has started for me. That horrible dreaded thing in pregnancy. I thought I just might avoid it, I mean I had gone 9 weeks without a single problem. But then it started... it actually just started this weekend with that "I just don't feel quite right" feeling. I thought eating would help, no I couldn't really do that. Well, what about talking a walk on a nice day, that should help, not really. Maybe just keeping busy would help, nope.

I realized things weren't getting any better on Sunday, when I couldn't get out of the car to get some juice (the only thing that sounded good), and then I took a 2 hour nap after church. Feeling slightly better around dinner time I made some wheat three cheese ravoli and a spinach salad. Spinach is one of the best things to eat during pregnancy it is filled with all kinds of nutrients. As I was making the salad, I realized that the smell of the spinach was slightly nasty to my nostrils, but I just figured I was being sensitive. So as I forced each bite of the salad down, I told myself how great it was for me and little baby, not to mention it was drenched in dressing to cover up the flavor. I forced myself to take one more big bite, BIG MISTAKE! I suddenly gagged and ran to the bathroom, then the whole salad came out (it look way worse in the toilet). Brett was great, he held my hair back, flushed the toilet, and got me some water. I told him "remove that salad from my sight now!" Needless to say that was my first case of morning or should I say dinner sickness. No spinach for me for a while. Side note: if something smells bad during pregnancy, DON'T EAT IT!"

The story continues to Monday morning at work, as I am telling a co-worker about my horrible spinach experience, I am getting grossed out just remembering the spinach. The next thing I know, I am hugging the work toilet while throwing up Cheerios and thinking about my spinach salad, not fun. There was relief after that, and then the feeling of starvation. Maybe this is just a fluke I tell myself, or not, because I threw up again this morning at work. It was horrible and painful next to that cold toilet, not to mention I spent to morning at home dry heaving nothing but air out. I think dry heaving is the worst thing ever created, why can't something just come out, it would feel so much better!

The barfing does seem only to come in the morning, which is good, because I don't have it all day. However, there are only like 3 foods that sounds good to eat: bread, potatoes and water. It is hard to get quality nutrients from those foods and they do get tiresome. Usually after throwing up I feel nothing but hunger, but want nothing to eat, it is a horrible battle. I was able to drink a Jamba Juice strawberries wild smoothie with a calcium boost this evening. Jamba Juice might be my saving grace. I hope this doesn't last long.

SC we can cry together and eat jolly ranchers.


  1. jenni, i feel your pain sister!!!! i wish i didn't.. the funny thing is i have been trying to eat a good amount of spinach as well... but i ate too much one day and haven't been able to eat any since then! hahaha. too funny! we'll be done with this soon, right??? how i wish you were here :)

  2. i'm glad you two are doing this first that way you can coach me threw :)

  3. Wow, that's gross.
    Good thing Brett is there. He sounds like the most awesome person ever!

  4. Brett IS sweet for holding your hair. I knew people got morning sickness of course, but I didn't realize that it could keep you laid up dry heaving all day. You poor thing! I hope it is VERY short-lived . . as in RIGHT NOW. I pray that it stops RIGHT NOW!


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