Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weddings, family, and baby

I have been bad about blogging.... I have just been waiting for Brett to Download all of our pictures, so that is my excuse, it's not a good one.

January has been full and so much fun! Jacob and Noelle got married! It was a beautiful wedding, and Noelle looked so amazing! They are a great example of a couple who had patience and waited for God's timing. We were able to enjoy lots of time with family, including a late family Christmas, skiing for the boys, a family bridal shower and the release of Fran's ashes. Fran was definitely missed at the wedding.....it was a hard time for Dan.

Brett and I also hosted a few of the groomsmen and their wives at our house, they were easy to please a very helpful. It is always fun to have people from Omaha stay with us (you are always welcome here).

My brother Jordan was just here also. I just dropped him off at the airport this afternoon. It is always fun to have him, he's a great brother and I love that he visits!

Among not so fun things, I spent 3 hours driving home from Denver with my friend Lynae in a random mini blizzard, yeah..... snow + Jenni + driving = anxiety. I don't think the baby likes it either. One good think out of it though, Lynae and I really got to talk a lot a get to know each other better and she is an awesome girl and I love that she is a hygienist!

Baby girl is doing well, I think we have a name for her, "Maya Rose," it's about 97% certain. We don't mind telling people and it's ok if you don't like it, because she is ours :O) I just had a check up today and the Dr. said everything looks great! I had to drink this hawaiin punch glucose thing to check for gestational diabetes, it wasn't that bad except that I had to pee and wait for an hour. Maya loves to have dance parties in my belly at night, so I know we will already get along. It is so much fun to have her move inside of me, it makes everything so real and I have so much joy thinking about her. Only 3 months left!

Upcoming exciting events in February:
-I am going to Omaha for Sarah's baby shower
-My 26th birthday
-I am going home to California
-Jury Duty, it's not really exciting, but it kind of is now because Brett got summoned for it also HA!


  1. Who wouldn't like that name? It's so cute!

    It does sound like a fun month for you. And fun times to come, yay!

  2. cute pics jenni! i can't wait to see you soooo soooon!!! maya rose and londyn grace are just going to love each other so much!!

  3. let's have a dance party all five of us saturday night!

  4. Sounds like you are having so much fun. I have had a few times I thought I could feel the baby move, but who knows haha. By the way I think you make the cutest Prego lady ever!!


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