Monday, January 28, 2008


So today I was slightly insulted by someone I know. We can call her girl X. Girl X had not seen me since mid December so obviously I am looking different that I did back then, I have a baby belly now, as I like to call it. Well, when she saw me today she looks down at me and says, " Oh you are looking Chubby."

Chubby! Are you kidding me, you just called a pregnant woman chubby! Not to mention that fact that she just had a baby so she should know of all people not to call a pregnant woman "Chubby." It is not even a matter if I am really chubby looking or not, its that fact that she called me such a thing! I didn't know what to do I kind of fake laughed, ha, and walked away.

More appropriate terms could have included:
"You are showing more"
"You have a baby belly"
"I can tell you are pregnant now"
"How cute, you have a belly."

"Chubby," "Fat" "Too many burgers lately," are all things that you shouldn't say to a pregnant women even if she does look fat!

I am just wondering why she had to say that to me?


  1. That is weird. You'd think she would know better! Maybe she's one of those people who speak without thinking first? Either way, you know you're not chubby. You, Jenni? Chubby? That is laughable.

  2. chubby and jenni do not go together. it's just not possible. she must be a dork.


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