Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jury duty and Omaha (no relation)

(Linds being squished by baby bellies)

I am actually sitting in the El Paso County Jury room right now hoping that I will not be called back for a trial. There is only 1 judge left to go so I am hopeful my name won't be called, fingers crossed prayers in action. At least I am sitting next to 2 very nice people, one is a woman who had to serve on a jury when she was 8 months pregnant! Can you believe that, they actually picked her, and I thought I would be off the hook, she had me beat by 2 months!

I went to Omaha this weekend, it had actually been almost a full year since I had been there. My friend SC was having her baby shower and I would have been there for anything. It was great being with a pregnant friend, our due dates our only 3.5 weeks apart which is so much fun, just being in the same stage of life together.

On Friday SC Treated me to a “Mommy to be Pedicure” at Xenon and the girl who did my pedicure was a friend and a former small group student. What a pleasant surprise it was, and she is getting married! I can't believe that one of my little 9th grader small groupers is getting married now! Well, she isn't little anymore, but still, so exiting.

Saturday was baby shower morning. We picked up SC's mom and headed over to the Anderson's house where the shower was held. The decorations were so cute, there was a cake made out of diapers, towels, and sparkles, not edible of course. We had brunch food items, the monkey bread was my favorite, and we all got to decorate a onesi or a bib for the mommy to be. My onesi said “ O positive ?” (for those of you who don't understand that refer back to my O positive blog).

(the diaper cake)

As SC unwrapped her gifts we were all captivated by the cute girl clothes, I mean how cute is it that babies get boot cut jeans now, I mean come on! And S.C. continued to unwrap more and more clothes, and more clothes, boy they weren't kidding when they said “you get so many clothes when you are having a girl.” Don't get me wrong, clothes are great, but throw in a bottle or pacifier or something the baby might actually need. S.C did get some great items that were much needed, but next time I go to a baby shower I will be sure to get one of those “not so cute items” that she may actually need.

Saturday afternoon I had an appointment to get my hair cut by Ali, I actually haven't found anyone in Colorado yet, terrible I know, but I am picky and my hair is difficult. Well, the thing is I went to my appointment and Ali wasn't there! Ahhhh, nooo, I had been looking forward to her cutting my hair for almost a year. She had actually come down with a virus, yucky. What are the chances, the one day I am there, she is not, so sad. I had my whole hair washing scheduled planned out for the weekend based on when I was getting my hair cut, and not getting it cut threw off everything!

Overall I had a great time and loved that I got to see some great friends, LC, SC and SB (love ya girls!)

Maya meets Maya

Oh, Jury update. I did get called back to be a possible juror for a trial, I was almost the very last person to be called before everyone got dismissed, of course. Then when they were picking the jury, I was the last person to be sent home, I don't have to serve, few!


  1. jenni it was great seeing you! i love you friend, i want to keep in touch better :(

  2. I love you so so much. Thank you soooo much for coming to Omaha for my shower! You bless my socks off :)


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