Friday, February 29, 2008

The best part of my trip

The best part of my trip is when little 2 year old Kyri would lift up my shirt, poke my belly button and say, "Baby Belly." She is so precious. More to Come!


  1. I so much enjoyed seeing you Jenni and having chance to talk to you. You are just as lovely now with your little belly as you were at your wedding. How exciting to have a first time baby. Please do post all of your photos from the baby shower. I am so pleased that Carissa and Danae invited me. I hope there is at least one photo of you and me and Candice. I am so glad I could see Candice and talk with her. Sigh. Have a great day. Wanda Lou

  2. so precious! now i can't wait to have a baby belly again so kyri can touch mama's belly button. it is going to be such a neat experience for us! we had such a wonderful time having you here...kyri misses you so much!


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