Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The day Maya came

The time-line of events

Sunday Morning April 13th

2am: My water broke while I was sleeping (which was better than peeing my pants, my first thought)

(this was taken right after my water broke)

4am: We drove to the hospital. We waited 2 hours to go because we were packing things, painting my toenails and finishing laundry. There wasn't a huge hurry b/c I wasn't really have strong contractions yet.

6am: I was finally admitted to the hospital. It took them 2 hours in the triage room to realize I was in labor. They could not determine if my water had really broke (although I was leaking amniotic fluid for 3 hours). I had to walk around for a while, and then the contractions really started.

10am: I was dilated 6cm and decided it was a good time for an epidural. Boy was that the best decision I have ever made! If you are wondering what a contraction feels like, it's just about the worst menstrual cramp ever, happening over and over again. Another way to describe it would be the horrible crampy feeling you get when you have bad diarrhea and want to die. Once I got the epidural everything was great! I sat around chatting with Brett, Dan and Jacob like nothing was happening, it was awesome.

(there is nothing like 3 men in the hospital with you while you're in labor)

12pm: I was dilated 8cm. Did I mention my nurse Jen, she was awesome! She was really fun and talkative, super encouraging and it was her birthday also.

(see look how happy I am, the epidural was great!)

2pm: Time to Push! My doctor was actually on call that day, so she got to be there to deliver. I was so thankful!

2:23pm: Maya Rose Goodlin was born. (thank goodness only 30 minutes of pushing) 5lb, 5oz, 18inch long, lots of hair, wonderful.

I can't totally explain how I felt, it was a rush of emotions. I was so happy and overwhelmed, and tired, and overjoyed. There was still so much going on around me after she came out it was hard to take it all in.

Overall labor was a great experience. It is nothing like the movies, or the horror stories. It was an exciting time for me. Although I was in labor for 12 hours only an hour or two of it were uncomfortable. Brett was a great support the whole time, he didn't pass out, he was really encouraging, and he even made me laugh. The best part, I brought the best thing into my life, Maya. She is just so cute, cuddly, and wonderful, I love her so much!

Maya was born exactly 11 years after my brother Darren went to be with Jesus (April 13th 1997). There is life with death.

(my brother Darren as a toddler)


  1. I didn't know that about the date. Wow, God is so good. And JOY shall spring forth. I pray Maya reminds you every day how precious and wonderful life is each day. Love you three!

  2. Yes, that is neat about the date. God IS so good, so sweet. Maya is adorable, and I can't wait to meet her someday. I'm really excited to learn more about her as you keep blogging.

    Good description about the contractions. I'd never heard anyone explain the pain before, but it sounds AWFUL. I am definitely getting an epidural, too!

  3. thank you jenni for sharing with us your super-smooth-and-easy labor story! you are a lucky girl. no complications and a beautiful, healthy baby girl! i wish i could have been there with you. i'm so happy for you and look forward to hearing all of your fun parenting stories too! love ya!


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