Sunday, December 14, 2008

holiday activites

This month has been full of of the usual holiday activities. We had my work Christmas party at the Broadmoor (which was really smancy) It was $74 a person, not including drinks and most of the food... not even sure what it was. It was fun though, a reason to dress up and enjoy the holidays.
Can you guess what this is? Neither can I.

This week we had Brett's Christmas dinner for Compassion. It was at the Antlers Hilton, and we had tasty food and good company with our friends the Greens.
Me and Mrs. Green, she is so sweet!

On Saturday I took Maya to a mother-daughter tea. It was really cute, there were many little girls, all dressed up with there moms. We had tea and tasty treats. Maya loved it! When the little girls were running around squealing Maya would get so excited and start bouncing and smiling. Maya was a hit herself, with her little pink bow on her head and cute dress, the little girls couldn't get enough of her.
Maya and Aunt Noelle at the tea party

On Saturday night I hosted a cookie exchange. It was a great way to get a variety of holiday cookies and spend time with girlfriends. Maya also got to play with little Oliver, they were so cute together.

Oliver and Maya playing together

All of the girls with our tasty cookies!


  1. My girlfriends just had a cookie exchange. It's such a great idea! I love the baskets!

  2. Josh and I loved sitting with you guys!


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