Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maya's first thanksgiving

We had a great thanksgiving! We actually had two big meals. One with our small group, were we all pitched in a brought many of the thanksgiving traditionals, and the other with Brett's family.

Being with Brett's family was so much fun! Maya got to be with 3 of her cousins and many aunts and uncles. Cousin Coby loved Maya! He always wanted to hold her, feed her, and just play with her. We also had Noelle's family (my sister-n-law) join us for the big Thanksgiving meal, altogether there were 18 people! We had 2 turkeys, a ham and about 8 million sides.

Dan smoked a turkey, which was a huge ordeal, because it was his first time doing it and we were convinced it was going to take forever to cook, and he thought it would only take a few hours..... so we made him get up really early in the morning to start cooking. Then just a few hours into cooking the turkey the outside of it was black, not good...... It did turn out really good though and had a unique flavor I never experienced with a turkey before.

The main downfall, Maya was sick, she had diarrehea and had thrown up. She definetely wasn't herself, just really quite, tired, and not hungry. It was a bummer to not have Maya in normal happy spirits when the family was there. She was sick for 6 days, it was sad. I went in her bedroom one morning to find diarrehea vietnam! It was everywhere, all over her, her pj's, the crib and blankets. I just had to throw her in the bath, I even ended up throwing away one of her pairs of Pj's because the were destroyed! I am so glad she is better now.

Noelle and her delicious apple pie!

The burnt turkey skin

the cousins: Maya, Ella, Coby & Garrek

It snowed on thanksgiving!

Maya and cousin Coby

Brett playing with the kids

Maya and aunt Shanna (30 weeks pregnant, cousin Chloe is on the way!)

Jacob, Brett, Travis, & Tim

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  1. I loved the picture of you and Maya, you looked Beautiful!! Kaiya was sick throwing up and Diarrhea. It's so sad when they get sick. Once she got over that she got a cold :( I am glad you had a good thanksgiving!


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