Friday, March 20, 2009

11 months

Maya turned 11 months old last Friday, just 1 month away from being 1! We celebrated by giving her her first pigtails and her first 12 month old outfit. Her personality is coming out so much. She loves to talk, I am not sure what about, but whenever she discovers a new sounds, she will repeat it over and over and get louder and louder. Her newest sound mamamamaMAMAMAMA!! She also loves going outside on the swing, dancing, opening and closing books and playing with other babies.

Maya also learned that she likes to wrestle. She was watching 2 brothers wrestle and came in to intervene and show her own skills. It was so cute and the little boy, Dillan loved it!

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  1. She is so cute! I love that she wanted in on the wrestling action.


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