Sunday, March 8, 2009

first steps

Maya just took her first steps today! She is 10 months old and 3.5 weeks, just shy of being 11 months old. I bribed her with a chocolate chip cookie. The video is sideways.... sorry, but you still get the idea. I just love our little bug, she is a joy in our lives and this stage is just so much fun! She is miss social bug, always loving to be with other babies and children and always loving to be the center of attention when friends are over.


  1. oh soooo fun!! This stage is my Favorite too. It's so fun to see their personalities shine through.

  2. go maya! i can't believe she is already big enough to walk...and i love that you used a cookie! thats awesome!

  3. I like the little sound she makes after getting the cookie. "This is so worth a few steps." Yay!!!


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