Thursday, August 6, 2009

what maya is like

Maya is so fun right now! There are so many things she does that make us laugh out loud every day. She is strong willed and determined, she LOVES to dance, and she loves to read. When I put her down to sleep she read books and when she wakes up in the morning she reads books again. She does all kinds of baby signs and her favorite one right now is Mouse (for this sign you touch your finger to your nose and Maya likes to put her finger up her nose and I laugh every time). She loves the pool and water and she is fearless. When we go to the pool she runs in, she falls and drowns about every 5 seconds, but it doesn't phase her, she just gets back up and does it again. She also loves to go down the water slide with mommy about 1 million times. When we sit on the grass at the pool she makes sure to stop by the speaker with music playing and dance. She hates having her teeth brushed and crys every time. If she could she would spend all day outside.
Some of my favorite moments are when she hugs my legs and squeezes tight, when she sits on my belly and bounces and when she backs up to sit on my lap. She has many words including:

kitty kat
nana (for banana)
bop poo (for poo poo)
cheese (her aunts would be proud of this)
uh oh

Oh and I can't forget. After bath time she likes to sit on her potty, grunts like she is pooping, and then runs away, no pooping ever happens though.







  1. She sounds like sooo much fun. It's amazing how much one little girl can change your life in such a good way!

  2. what a fun post! isn't this age just amazing? daily, hourly, sometimes by the minuted i remind myself to cherish this season in his life, our lives, everyday he's just SO fun! maya is a doll...the boots just couldn't be any cuter on her!!


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